She Knows Exactly What I Like

I got home from work this afternoon, and I walk into my room to find my gown and a aerie brand thong laying out.. you see my girlfriend stayed the night last night, and we had raunchy kinky sex while I was dressed in a bras, silk spaghetti strap tank top and a different thong from aerie. I then fell asleep while still wearing that.

I asked her about it and she said "I think it would look sexy on you and I want pictures of you wearing them." I was suprised by that but told her that it be better if I wore the tank top that is exactly the same as the goown but shorter. Took a couple of pictures then sent them to her... I think she will look at them when she is having "alone time" if you know what I mean.. Anyways, needless to say this got me very excited and I had to **** via rubbing my **** with panties..

I love my girlfriend for being so understanding of my likeing of lingerie.. I feel so special to have someone like that.. I love dressing up for her.. I find it so fun and so arousing at the same time!
pinkpantylover pinkpantylover
Jul 14, 2010