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So Soft, So Colorful, So Sexy

I experimented wearing panties when I was a kid; and then again in college; but never out of doors. Recently I found a pair and tried them on; and I don't know why but one day I had the guts to wear them to work. It was a white string thong so there was little danger of discovery. I enjoyed it immensely; the thong felt great (the slight discomfort was worth it), and I was thrilled with the adventure of the secret. I figured out that I could order them pretty discreetly online, and bought a few more pairs; then a few more; then more... My first shopping experience at a Victoria's Secret was unbelievable. I'm getting up the courage to not hide that they are for me. I like everything about wearing panties. I like that some days I can be more conservative and other days wear bright shades of hot pink (under drab business clothes); I like the taboo aspect; and I love experimenting with the different fabrics and cuts (brazil cut is just great). It's a whole new world to explore. I like walking next to an attractive woman and knowing that we have something in common she might not suspect. And I love the shopping; a world I was never really privy to. I wear them about 75% of the time now.
zam1066 zam1066 26-30, M 12 Responses Feb 11, 2008

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join the club and have fun


Here's my story (sorry if you've heard it before!): Recently, I've started wearing women's panties; they're so much better made, more comfortable and nicer to wear than any made-for-men underwear; the briefer the better, my favorite type are string-bikinis. Those made of cotton/Spandex are the softest and thus the most comfortable, they feel so very sexy, smooth and erotic my **** gets pretty hard and I almost shoot my load when I'm wearing them. The feeling is somewhat enhanced by the fact that I've shaved my pubic hair, so my silky smooth skin, plus the smoothness of the material adds to the overall erotic stimulating effect on my smooth, silky scrotal-sack. One of my favorite brands is Vanity Fair Illuminations, which come in a wide choice of colors and are inexpensive compared to underwear for men. Here's a link (check out the reviews, many of them are from men!) Kohls are one of my favorite sources, I've also bought from J C Penny & also Macy's. I also like Royal Coton/Spandex thongs. For pictures of all my favorites, check my albums and leave comments if you like! Hope this helps you!

Love those Illumination Bikinis! I have a couple of pair.

I do wonder, where do you get your panties online? Such as what website? I'm looking for a new one

Check my relply; Target, J. C. Penny, Kohl's, Macy's, - they're all OK - good luck!

shopping for panties in a store is lots of fun, get to see what you are getting plus the comments can be fun, and it is fun seeing what other women buy also

I started wearing 24/7, about two months ago. The feeling on your skin is amazing.<br />
It does not seem embarressing to me. Just what I choose to wear.

I always wear French Knickers over my suspenders, I was taught that way by my Lady friend who was concerned for my comfort, it is convenient to just drop them for diddling time or even keep them on during it as they have room enough to release the tiger out the leg hole.<br />
C'mon TV boys get comfy just like girls do, just try a pair on after keeping them in the fridge on a hot day.<br />
I still get complemented on my taste when seeing one of my ladies.

I bought a pair from a place I regularly shop. There was someone else working there that night who I never seen before. When I was at the counter to pay for them I had another pair that was the wrong size. I told her that just as she rung them up. She told helped me look for the right size and asked me what bra she wears. I told her that the panties were for me and I didn't need a bra.

no I like them not to small or to big just large enought to fit snug and hold everything in place,smooth,comfy and sexy you can't beat it

To each his own, but I find that full cut briefs fit me the best; everything is contained and there is lots of smooth nylon to feel and rub against my sensitive parts without cutting the blood flow off. Some may think "granny panties" are old fashion and a joke but there are still lots of women that wear them because of the full coverage they give.

The bikini things are a bit uncomfortable for a man, cos all the bits hang out.<br />
<br />
Any suggestions, I'd love to wear them.<br />
<br />

I've found VF Illuminations to hold everything together just fine. Anything made from cotton/Spandex, nylon/Spandex or Elastane is so soft and stretchy that there's never a problem re. fit. The ones in my avatar are Royal Thong in Cotton/Spandex and for fit, they're one of the best, and one of my favorites. if you want to see more, check out my albums; I think the total count is ~250 at the moment! Good Luck! - MW

The bikini things are a bit uncomfortable for a man, cos all the bits hang out.<br />
<br />
Any suggestions, I'd love to wear them.<br />
<br />

When you buy panties, don't hide the fact they are for you! I've had the salesgirl ask, "Are these your size" and I have replied "Yes, and are they my color too!"