My Mom and Sister Discover My Secret

When I was 17, my girlfriend, Helen, and I had been experimenting with forced feminization quite a bit. She forced me to wear her panties when I wasn't wither her. I wore them frequently and, so far, nobody had discovered our dirty secret. That all changed the day that the first day that my sister was visiting from college.

She was 20 at the time and although she had often humiliated me in front of her friends, she seemed to be much more mature. Her and I were sitting in front room, having a very civilized conversation about college, her new boyfriend, and her new found passion for the English language. It was very nice and normal, until I got up to use the bathroom. When I got back, she stared directly at the crotch and said, " you wearing mom's panties?" She giggled as I looked down to see that my fly was open. I quickly zipped it up, but she walked over and began unbuttoning my pants. Soon, she had my pants downs and was staring at my silky yellow panties. She began giggling and saying, "You're so weird, why are you wearing mom's panties?" I tried to say that they weren't moms, but she would let me speak. She yelled, "Mom! Mom, get in here! You need to see this!"

When my mom entered the room, she began laughing. "Are those my panties," she asked. I said no, but she didn't seem to believe me. I insisted that they weren't, so she asked who they belonged to. I didn't want her or my sister to know what Helen and I had been up to, so I said nothing. "You know, those don't look like mine, though. Wait, they're Helen's, aren't they," said my mom. I said nothing and both women laughed. "Well, I guess you need a spanking, don't you," said my sister. Mom quickly got the hairbrush and returned. She sat down and pulled me over her lap. My sister helped her remove the rest of my clothes and she proceeded to spank my panty-clad butt. After 150 spanks, she sent me to the corner. My sister and her laughed a while and when corner time was up, my mom lectured me about stealing and respecting my girlfriend.

She made me wear nothing but the panties for the rest of the day punishment. When my dad got home, mom explained the situation to him. He laughed and said, "You should call his girlfriend up and tell her what happened." My mom didn't, even though she thought about it for a while.
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i read your story and experiences......they are embarrassing but funny. some sisters r real rascals, once i have got penis punishment because of my cunning sisters. have u ever got penis or ball punishment???


And you are how old?? And momma beat your butt? You must relly love your panties!!

I'm 20 now, but I was 17 when this happened