Made To Wear Panties

my mom made me wear panties after she caught me in my sisters clothes. i was delighted at the thought of being dressed up as a girl. mom bought me panties ,bras ,dresses and shoes to wear. sister and i played dress up all the time.
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was sister older or younger than you and i take it the guys loved her

It starts out as punishment, our moms think they can embarrass us enough, then we will quit wearing her underwear and such. I think it only make us want to dress in her things more. At least it did for me.

so mom spanked you too then while in the panties or did she make you model the panties for her and your sister(s) if you had any

yes, at first but as she realized that was not working she started trying different ways of embarrassing me, thinking this may get me to quit. I could not just stop, in they begin to allow me to wear more girls clothes without getting in trouble for it.

yes very lucky and also the things for girls are so much nicer and sexier, especially at times when its nice and lacy too, love that

WoW, Aren't you now glad she did that. They are sooo much better than the things they make for men.

Lucky girl.<br />
Enjoy it to the fullest<br />
Hugs<br />

That certainly must have been a lot of fun and loaded with enjoyment.