Birthday Present

One year my wife asked me what she could do for my birthday. I took a big risk and said get rid of my male underwear and replace it with women's. Time went on and nothing else was said. I thought she had refused the idea and was not about to bring it up again. Then on my birthday, when I got up out of bed and went to my underwear drawer, I got a big surprise. All of my male underwear was gone. I found cotton panties and nylon panties. There were bras, a nightgown and a slip. I also found knee highs and pantyhose. The drawer was full all women's. On top was a birthday card telling me to put on a pair of panties of my choice and a bra then come to the kitchen. On the way to the kitchen was a pair of pantyhose with the instructions to put them on. Id di and contiuned toward the kitchen. I found a slip and then a dress both with similar notes. She was waiting with an apron which she handed to me and said time for a cooking lesson for the new lady of the house. We cooked breakfast together and the rest of the day was spent with me dressed this way helping her with the house. At the end of the day, she asked if this was what I had in mind. I told her that the clothes were and she told me that if I was willing to be a woman and help her with the cooking and house then I could be a woman as much as I wished. To me it seemed a trade off with great rewards. Later we went to the bathroom together where she showed me how to hand wash my panties, bra and pantyhose. After we were finished and they were hanging up to dry we showered together. We went to the bedroom where she handed me a pair of panties and a nightgown. We had a great time in bed that night. Through the years she has added dresses, skirts, slacks, capris and tops to my wardrobe.
I feel that I am one lucky girl.
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I wish some one would do this for me

What a great birthday gift

Way to go! That was a huge risk!! I am very happy to hear it worked out well for you!!! I am newly married and I don't think my wife knows how much I love to dress up :-( I am also affraid to tell or show her

What a wonderful Bday surprise!

Lucky man gave me an idea of what to ask for Christmas. Or my birthday.

Wow! enough said!


Love your story!

indeed a nice idea for a birthday gift :)

Very nice when people help in your desires and things go well!

WOW that's awesome, my wife is also great with my lingerie wearing which I do now 24/7. We go out and go shopping together for lingerie her and mine which she pick out as much as I do.

It is very nice to have a wife who approves and goes shopping with you. You are a very lucky girl too.

That's an awesome story. You are very lucky to have such an understanding and open wife/<br />
<br />

Thanx for sharing this story ---- I llllloooooovvvveeee a happy ending!!!!!<br />
Great tale.<br />
Please keep us updated.

Melodie - All o fthe important women in my life have supported and encouraged me to dress as a girl. I wrote two more stories about this support today.<br />
<br />
Satin and lace - I love that id - I hope you get an opportunity soon. If so reward your wife by helping her around the house showing her that another woman in the house makes things easier for her.<br />
<br />
Huggs and thanks to bothe<br />

You are very lucky i have a different situation at home i am a gay male and about a year and a half ago my husband said for me to be more masculine and got rid of all my cotton panties it was winter when i started wering boxer briefs and i had no idea that i would get a terrible rash from the heavier fabric in the summer now he lets me wear my light weight cotton panties again this is my first day wearing them i hope my rash clears up soon

Oh dear, I would hat to have to go back to men's underwear. By the way I do not know what you are using for the rash but I have a suggestion for you. I have found this item in the baby department of my local Walgreens and Walmarts. It is called A&amp;D it is for diaper rash. Sometimes now since I live 24/7 in panties and a bra. In this heat (We have been almost every day over 100 degrees the past two weeks) I break out in a heat rash around band of my bra. I am glad your husband let you go back to wearing panties.