Panty Lover

At first i just loved looking at hot girls in panties i usually liked seeing a girl in panties and lingerie more than naked i especialy liked thos peek ******* shots in mags and the like. then came that fatefull day i was in an adult book shop and they had panties and lingerie hanging up for sale. I saw a pink sating thong that looked great so with trembling hands i picked it off the rack and bought it saying it was for my girlfriend. I rushed straight home and tried them on i loved the way they felt i loved the silky feel on my privates and ended up with a hard on all day long now im totaly addicted to panties and lingerie and havea fairly large collection of panties stocking even suspenders and slips I am a little obsessed and the pinker and frillyer the better i have even got myself a short black skirt and a bra. It all started with that pritty pink thong though :) 

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Google - Pantyboy Brianwashing by Isabella Valentine -
this will blow your mind also "perfect pantyboy" is wonderfully relaxing
it feels so good to be so understood and accepted, just to have someone to share this with on an intimate level has changed my life for the better in unexpected ways.
~ enjoy pantyboy ~

You guys are giving away your ages :) You don't find clothes lines anymore, everyone uses a dryer, at least where I live. When I was a paper boy I would be walking on my way home after making my morning deliveries and take a shortcut through some apartments complexes. There was always someone that didn't know any better and had left their laundry on the lines overnight. Talk about panty heaven, it was like picking fruit off of a tree. Wish I still has those panties.... even if they would be antiques by now LOL

yeah,i agree,women in lingerie leave something to the imagination.used to look thru sears & j c pennys catalogs in the lingerie section when i was a young teen.could'nt wait for the new catalogs to come out.i used to walk up & down the alleys in our neighborhood looking in backyards for panties hanging on clothes lines.if i found some they were gone & in my pocket to be tried on at home