My Neighbour Makes Me Wear Her's

I've a neighbourhood women. She's good friend of my mom & aunt. She's about 45 and has got 3daughters, one is of my age and other 2 are 2and 3yrs elder than me. I used to go to them. She too had attended the get together which aunt arranged. There i wore panty for 1st time. After that when i went to neighbour's home, she told that she was going to make me a good boy & to reduce my anger & my mom & aunt had given her permission to punish me if i disobey her. Her daughters were there so She took me to her room & commanded me to ***** in stern voice.
I must admit that i obeyed fearfully. After that she pulled me to her lap and she spanked hard till i cried out.
Then she gave me a panty & commanded to put it on. To avoid getting spanked further i wore it and she took me to her daughters. They could not stop laughing as they were suprised to see me to wearing their mom's panties and i was feeling very embarrassed by wearing it & They teased me.
I visit them about 3 times a week & every day after spanking me she makes me wear her panties- lace, nylon, cotton, plastic etc. And i spend 2or 3hrs with them as its fun to be there.
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How sweet

what are your favourite panties

Lace boyshort panties

a sensual story

Wish my neighbor lady would do me like her.

U are the luckiest. I dream of a relationship like it.

Your so lucky

nice neigjbour

Yes she is, and I am lucky to have her as my neighbour

sounds awesome lingarielover I agree. nightie dress the whole nine perhaps?

First time I wore dress, this happened 2 months ago.

I envy you!

Be sure and read my "Dutch Girl" stories all of which you can find under "search!"

I love wearing knickers (panties)
I love wearing tights aswell sometimes i love to wear a skirt aswell and then go out for a walk if people say anything thats up to them :)

I wear knickers out of choice idc what people think i love knickers their so comfy

sounds like a fun yet exciting adventure/story

I always wear panties and if I need guys underwear I wear panties with no lace.

Sounds like a fun afternoon out. Though is it was me I would have worn the panties willingly without the spanking part.

it was the just the beginning, so i felt very embarrassed to wear them :-)

Got ya. : )

im 100%straight man been wearen nylon panties for over 12yrs 24x7 vanityfair 15712 100%nylon best panties i vever wear for 12yrs well support feely soft sex no more tighty white!! EVER!!!!!!!!!! 2 yes i do wear woman panties guys woman made switch over 15 yrs ago they use wear our tighty white!!!! nylon panties man!! best ever next toime you wear her paties tell er you keepen them!! .ORDER SOME MORE!! HEHE!! PANTY MAN 2"

How old were you when this happened? Do you wear panties now? I love wearing them and no longer like male underwear except jockstraps and Brazilian Trunks for play time. They turn my wife on.

you are so lucky to get a wife who is turned on by seeing you in panties
i was 18. yes i wear them when i am there, and i still help her with household works ;-)

Fabulous sweetie

It's great to see you learning how to be a complete sissy at a young age. It only gets better as time goes on. It has for me as I have grown up like you wearing b-u-t-t p-l-u-g-s, getting spankings and being taken from the rear too.

misscdlee stop that your making me horny:) Can I give you a spanking in your pink sissy panties and then pull them down and lick your ***/*****? YUMMY!!!

You should try on more lingerie! I love wearing my lingerie! I feel so sexy and naughty when I dress!

my birthday was on march 25th & neighbour lady gifted me a bikini bottom

You should get a bustier with garters, matching panties, stockings, heels, and satin opra gloves! It feels so good to dress in a whole outfit of sexy lingerie!

Nice neighbor lady you have there. Did you model them for her?

i've n't worn that yet, its too tight. but i'll have to wear them at beach tomorrow as her famil;y is going there and she has asked me to accompany them

i wore that bikini at beach during that picnic

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Do you still go there often. This maybe a safe place to be a sissy for a day. And since they already know you wore panties it will be easier to let you Aunt know you want to dress like a girl too.

i still go there thrice a week.
neighbour lady & my aunt are friends

Thanks for your story which I enjoyed.

Sounds like great fun. Makes me hard thinking about it.

Then read my recent story in i love anal sex. Its about my neighbour lady ******* me with her ***** and anal training.

It'll make you *** :-)

I was waiting to see where and when your neighbor lady fu-ked you for you to get your first orgasum.???

Interesting story. So did you go further than just wearing panties

Yes, later she started ******* my butt with ***** and butt plugs.
Here is that story-

Cool thanx. Will check it out

Am most envious of you. How did she first decide to make you wear panties? This is a embarassing thing for me to convey to my wife. After she spanks me it would be nice to wear her panties when she teaches me how to please her orally. <br />
Also, she complains about me acting "typically male", gets frustrated with me, how did they make you a good boy and reduce your anger. Must make you want to cream your pink panties!

It just did not happen by a single event. Several things happened, i've shared those in my other stories. Please read them

Only three times a week ... too bad it isn't every day. Sounds like great fun.

Because they do laundry thrice a week and cleans home once a week, and its those days that i am called to their home to help them do that, but in real they make me do all the work.

Understand ... but what a neat and wonderful payoff for cleaning their home.

Why is it that some "gurls" have all the luck?<br />
<br />
Reminds me of that time in my 4th and 5th grade years that the lovely girl next door (about the same age but a beautiful feminine dresser in that time period, late 1940's) dressed me in her outfits and sent me home still wearing her corset/bra combo, silky nylons and oh so silky panties with instructions that I was to have them on the next day when we played together again for her inspection. For almost a year she did this wonderful thing to me and I had a different lingerie outfit of hers to wear home under my shirt and pants each time we were able to meet and play "dress up" with each other. Today I think it's so strange that with all her silky feminine lingerie she seemed to really enjoy wearing my, as I now refer to them, yucky cotton tee shirts and tidy whitey briefs, which is awful feeling underwear for us fellas! (Have posted about this experience elsewhere here on EP!)

Or are we the lucky one's to get chance to be with those girls? :-)

Well to each his or her own. I agree with you, I too can't understand why she liked wearing your male undies. But then maybe it was because she enjoyed the discomfort which made her feel male. But as far as I am concerned, what worked for both of you worked, though I feel you had the benefit and advantage, experiencing the feminine. What do you think?

Completely agree with you both, tghubby &amp; Deep4u!

it is nice wearing panties for you an geting spank by females<br />
allboys should be in pantes an spnaked

i am Glad for you NaughtyMan . Enjoy everyday happy 2012

at must of been embrassing put in panties after spanking an parade around in front of young girls

Love your cool story. Sounds like you are having a great time. Nothing wrong with it at all. Life should be enjoyed to the max-right now. Always wonderful to meet other open minded individuals, out there. Keep in touch. Peace...........

Fantastic story ..deep4u<br />
It is So exciting getting spanked by girls or your neighbor ady in her sexy Panties.What kind of panties were they,that you got spanked in? As a boy my Aunt disciplined me by forcing me to wear ladies nylon panties and to be bed too. My mothersent me to her to get the "naughty" boy out of me and be more like a sissyboy. .My older girl cousins got into the act later and really enjoyed "dressing" me up like a girlie Sissyboy with their Panties along with daily spankings..Love to hear more..silkyboy88

She has got a variety of them.
But mostly she makes me wear french cut lace panties.
After this incident given in story she inserted ***** into me and ****** my *** and she teased about my small penis along with my mom and sister. I've added a them as stories in ep.

I do love reading your stories

Thankyou. I've got a few more stories in my profile of this genre

me to

Oh Yes! You are in a wonderful place....being controlled to be a sissy by your mistress. Let it happen. I would suggest that you get your toenails and fingernails painted also - if you haven't already done. <br />
<br />
So are they dressing you from head to toe as a pretty far have you progressed. I want your sissy self. Warms my **** to think of it!<br />
<br />
Love, Marcy

i can remember back when i was 11 i was at aunts housewith mom an my two girl cousins one was 14 the ohter was 10 an my ohter aunt an my boy cousin he was 9 i had been playing an by accident pee in my pants my mom called me over with everything in room there whats this feeling my front pants di dyo upee ummmmmm yea take them off but mom do it now young man stripping in front of my cousins oave her knees getting spank an then my aunt said o ther daughter bring me pair of your panties for pee boy they did an laughing at me when i got up seeing it all an crying an made to put her panites on they all laughing at me

Wish I'd been there to laugh too!

im sure many others would like to be there laughing at me

It looks like you will have to do as you are told your neighbour & her daughters seem to have you under total control. My Mistress likes this she would be delighted to be of assistance, such as give advice on punishment.

Thats lucky :-)

would love a woman to make me wear panties that way

New fetish!

But i like being submissive for her and my aunt :-)

first time i wore panties <br />
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