Clean Panties

I know many men have dirty pantie fetishes. While there is some thrill for me in playing with a pair of panties a girl has worn recently, I actually prefer clean panties. They are sexier, smell fresh and feel nice on my skin.

I just threw a load of panties and bras in the wash. I can't wait untill they are clean and dry so I can pull them on and lounge around the house, checking myself out in the mirror.
Kiki31 Kiki31 31-35, M 8 Responses Apr 29, 2012

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I too love clean fresh panties.

I love clean panties also. I to love the smell and feel of clean panties.

Clean and fresh for me with some perfume on the nylon crotch. Love smelling the aroma through my jeans when I touch my jean crotch or when I'm sitting on the toilet with my panties at my knees. It's also a good time to lick any precum off the nylon. Sometimes it needs to be sucked off the nylon to get it all!

Fabulous sweetie



it always feels better to slip on a pair of clean silky panties and bra

I'm with you, Kiki. I love the smell of Woolite in the morning...

I like clean ones too, usually they fit better... and smell so fresh and clean

Wore them took some pictures and had some fun. Check them out if you're my friend.