I Wear Panties

I love to shop for and wear size 6 panties every chance I get. I have over 200 pair of silky& cotton in all colors and prints (favorite is pink) with pretty lace. Favorites are bikini, boy cut and french cut they make me feel so sexy and femine.
Debbie53 Debbie53
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Fabulous sweetie

Thanks Sammi your wonderful

Yes pink silky panties brings out the sissy in all of us!!! Yes bikini panties are the best.!!!

Nothing like pink Bikini panties that's what i say and sometimes string bikini panties are nice too the kind you can tie on the side.....oh yes!!!!!

I have to keep them from my wife she does not approve. But my Bi CD girl friend does and she can't keep her hands or lips off me!

i started wearing panties daily 10 years ago and just love them and i wear a size 6 too 7 fit pretty good too and pink,baby blue,and light gray are great colors and nothing beats Bikini panties hands down!!!!!

Good for you Debbie. But why not wear a pair of panties daily? I do and a bra too ...

I want to try wearing a bra at work as soon as I can, I think will will feel so sexy to have one on my "A" cup b******

Good for you Debbie and yes I love wearing a sexy bra along with my panties daily.

I have ruffled bikini panties and pink bikini panties but I have yet to find a pair of pink ruffled panties. If I do you can bet I'll be buying them. I might have to buy a couple of pair because once I get into them I may not want to ever get out of them.

I love my panties, how they caress my *** cheeks and especially they feel against my shaved ****

Im with you. I wear panties daily. They are the only thing worth wearing. My collection is small right now but it is growing some every week.