Panties As A Sign Of Who Is In Charge

I wear panties almost every day. In public my wife and I are very successful professionals. At home she is in charge. As a sign of who is in charge, I must wear panties almost all the time. I get to wear men's underwear if I am going to the doctor's office. Otherwise it is panties for me. Most of my panties are flowery cotton ones. They look most like little girl's panties and, as I have such a small penis (check out my photos for proof), they are what I deserve. When I do not have an upcoming doctor's appointment, I must be clean shaved as well as only real men have hair on their *****. I have a few special pairs of panties. I have a couple that are really frilly and look sissy like. I am told to wear them sometimes when I do the housework in full sissy dress. I also have a few thongs that I hate and have to wear if I was bad.
There was one real advantage to wearing panties. Last year I had some serious surgery. One of the cuts was right at waist level if I was wearing men's underwear. As most of my panties rest a little lower, they did not irritate the healing like the men's underwear.
One consequence I have noticed of wearing panties is I now have frequent dreams where I am caught wearing them. Thankfully that has never happened.
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1 Response Sep 23, 2012

Good for your wife getting you to wear panties, even little girl ones, full time. I do too, but they are "big girl panties" and I also wear them when I go to the doctor as well.