Panty Wearer

I am a straight guy who wears panties. In this day and age, in my mind, if women are feeling "sexy," they will dress differently, wearing a skirt instead of jeans, spaghetti straps instead of sleeves, ect. A man feels sexy, they throw on jeans and a tshirt. I wear them not only because they are more comfortable in my opinion, but because they reflect my mood, even if other people cannot see them. I finally found a girlfriend who not only "tolerates" them, but helps me pick them out at a store. I can't count the number of gf's that have tried to change me from them to boxers. Luckily, I know that whoever I am with will like me for who I am, and won't care about them, or will embrace them with me.
tbombwils tbombwils
26-30, M
1 Response Nov 29, 2012

Glad you found a g/f that supports you on wearing panties