I Wear Panties

I wear panties most days. They feel so comfortable on me- the texture is really nice. I enjoy the feel of them. I also wear basic makeup every day so it looks natural and improves my looks. So, I suppose I am a girly boy, though I am heterosexual and not at all camp!
Anyway, i think male underware should be developed more along female lines, as this is more comfortable than boxer shorts of other underpants. The texture is good and it holds everything in !!
Clarisa55 Clarisa55
2 Responses Dec 13, 2012

go on the web....find several sources for sexy nylon panties especially made for men. I do continue to enjoy those made for women as well. Check out Joe Snyder for some delicious manpanties!

Good for you, Clarisa, wearing panties because they are more comfortable. But why "most days" and not every day? My wife when we were dating found out I crossdressed and wore panties on occassion and enjoyed it. From that point on she insisted there was no reason I shouldn't at least wear panties full time and I did. Then shortly after we were married she threw away the last couple pairs of male undies I had saying they were just taking up space in my lingerie drawer and she was right. Never missed them and I've worn panties ever since ... even going the my doctor's for my annual checkup.