My Wife

Let met tell you a little story.

I've been married about 4 years. A while back, not horribly long after we were married, my wife and me sat down and talked about all our fantasies, all our fetishes, all our kinks and turn-ons.

Well, I'd dabbled with crossdressing a little out of curiosity at one point back in college. I thought it was okay, nothing special. I admitted I did like the panties though, and I liked to wear them. I didn't own any, because I threw them all away years ago.

Well, apparently one of her turn-ons was that she admitted she had some boyfriends in the past who were kinda into crossdressing, and she liked it a little. Not a huge amount, but she admitted she thought men in panties were cute.

I also admitted a passing interest in submission and "forced feminization". Not anything hardcore, but I had a few fantasies of a woman taking charge and making me dress like a girl or act girly. Within limits, I didn't really want to live as a woman, or take hormones, or to be "too" dominated. It was just another "kinda, sorta" thing.

She admitted to having a little bit of a dominant streak, again not big, not hardcore. In BDSM terms she'd really be more of a "switch", but she admitted sometimes she'd like to take charge a little more.

Well, those were just some item on our long discussion of kinks and turn-ons. I didn't think too much of it.

Then about a month later, she decided to have fun with me.

I had come in from the gym, and had gone to take a shower back home. When I come in from the gym I would take a nice long one, maybe 25 or 30 minutes.

I stepped out of the bathroom and the underwear I left lying on the bedroom floor was gone. There was a pair of plain white cotton Hanes Her Way panties laying on the bed, and she was sitting on the bed with a wicked smile.

She explained to me that I wear panties now. I am a panty wearer, a pantywaist, panties are my underwear now. We both wear panties, and I can just cope with it and learn to like it.

This was her dominant streak at work, and her like of seeing men in panties, and playing right into my interest in submission and forcible feminization.

She explained to me that while I had showered, she gathered up all my underwear, put them in a trash bag, and had already chucked them into the dumpster. The shopping bags at her feet were about 3 dozen pairs of panties, all in my size. She'd been buying them up since our little conversation. It was an assortment, cotton, nylon and satin panties in various cuts and styles. Full-cut "granny panty" briefs, hi-cuts, bikinis, boyshorts. Some were utilitarian, others very femme.

She told me that since I shower and change clothes for the gym back home, nobody at the gym will have to know, and nobody at work or none of my friends would have to know. . .but she'll know. She said it was permanent, since she knew I liked it, and she liked it. As she put it, half the worlds population wears panties every day, it's not like it keeps me from doing anything.

So, after this little discussion, she picked up those cotton panties, told me "put on your big girl panties and deal with it" and handed them to me.

I slipped on the plain panties, getting hard in the process. My wife got up off the bed, smiled ear-to-ear, kissed me and said "good girl", and told me to get dressed.

The ONLY time I'm allowed to wear men's underwear is when I'm in uniform.  I'm in the National Guard, and when I'm in a military uniform I'm allowed to wear men's underwear.  She has them under lock & key, and gives them to me when I'm getting dressed or packing for a training exercise.  As soon as I get home though, straight back into panties with me.
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That is wonderful!

My wife hate that same decision 20 years ago. She told me to put on a pair of her panties And then showed me that she had thrown out all of my shorts and field the drawer with panties. She picks out the fair every night that I am to wear when she gets me Up for work. Her way of showing her dominance is that host sites I am to wear her dirty ones that she wore all day

good girl be happy with your wife and you ll see and feeling th epantastic womans world,youll never stoped with lingere

You have an amazing lady there

If only ALL women were like her!

You definitely have a great wife, Joe. My wife too, back when were dating, insisted I wear panties full time. Yes she would do a 'panty check' and I never failed! ;-) Then shortly after we were married one day she went through my lingerie drawer and threw out the last couple pair of male undies I had. She said that they were just taking up space and she was right. So good for your wife, throwing away all your men's undies, having replaced them with panties, two years ago.