I Love Wearing Victoria'S Secret Panties

My gf made me wear here panties one time when we were having sex I really didn't want to but she forced me. So I tried on a pair of vs hiphuggers panties and OMG they are so comfortable you don't even k ow your wearing them half the time.So for my birthday this year she got me like 6 hiphuggers and 6 cheekies and I love wearing them I also just recently purchased yoga pants to those are the best
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8 Responses May 17, 2013

I've enjoyed wearing panties for quite a few years now. Just recently my wife gave in and bought me 3 very sexy vs panties. I'm gonna need more pairs...lol it's all I'm gonna wear now.

That's all I wear is panties ....

Panties are the best

Most of my panties are vs panties. I have some others but about 98% vs. I love them and I love to go shopping for them.

Girls unquestionable have all the comfy clothes. That's why I don't bother with boys clothes anymore.

That's awesome, your gf getting you to try her panties and now buying you your own for your birthday. What a great gf!

my ex-girlfriend did the same thing to me.
Do I hate her for it no. She just started
something she could not finish. Your gal
had better luck with you so to speak.

I love my yoga pants, I just wish i got to wear them more often