Panty Boi

I started wearing panties when I was 13. Living with my dad and his girlfriend at the time she was 24 and pretty cute too, I would go down into the basement to drop off my dirty clothes and saw my first pair of womens panties. Being curious at that age I grabbed them up and stuffed them in my pocket and bolted to my room on the second floor. They were pink in color, tiny and lacey. The cotton crotch had a stiff texture and was flakey in nature. Being curious I smelled it, and it smelled sweet in nature, and very good. While looking and touching them my **** began to stiffen, I took off my pants and underwear and locked my bedroom door. I then started to rub them over my **** and was getting a real warm feeling all over my body. And my **** began to leak, I rubbed the precum over the cotton crotch and sroked my ****. I dont know why I thought of it but, I stopped stroking my **** and slid the panties up and over my ***. They felt incredible, nice and smooth and looking in the mirror they were very sexy and made my tiny *** and hairless legs look incredible. From then on I was hooked, takig her panties whenever I could ******* in them, wearing them to school anything I could think of. Then it escalated to taking her pantyhose, wearing them I remember how smooth they made my legs feel when I climbed into bed and feeling them between the sheets. Then came bras and short skirts, and I was hooked I had become a crossdresser by the time I hit 15.
bendoverboy6976 bendoverboy6976
41-45, F
Jun 27, 2013