Won't Wear Anything Else

i've been trying on or wearing panties since i was 9 or 10. i first tried a pair of my mom's "sensible" panties. i was lucky that at least they were satin. my love affair with panties was on. when i started dating, i started to use my current GF's undies. sometimes with their consent, sometimes not. when i was engaged to my future wife, i was caught redhanded, so to speak, in her mother's victoria secrets' low cuts. my future mother in law made me tell her daughter while i was wearing the low cuts. to both our surprice, she thought i looked "cute". that same day she took me shopping for undies, making sure the sales lady knew they were for me (embarrasing but exciting). since then, most of my underwear is sissy girl stuff, however, until 8 or 10 years ego i had an assortment of men's underwear to go to the doctor or any place i might have to show my underwear. at that time i made up my mind and threw out all my male undies. now if i have to go anywhere that i have to show my undies, i wear my frilliest undies. my wife likes to go with me when possible to see the reaction on people. it's really funny. now if i could only get the nerve to be fully CD and go out on the town.

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didn't have to try them on. if i had i probably would have run out of there. as it was, my words to the sales lady where " duh, oh, hmmm, er, uhu" or something like that. LOL

Extremely lucky and brave. Being taken out to buy lingerie... I'd love that -- did you have to try them on too?<br />
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I go to the gym a couple of times a week and have some boxers to wear then, but wear satin or silk panties nearly every other day, all day. I would not have the guts to go somewhere I know someone will find out, only the risk ;-)

If you are going to wear silkies go full time and don't worry what people say. It is a lot better to admit to than hiding it. I know I hid it for 49 years and worried about getting caught. If you want to look like the photo with your name go for it.

I C nothing wrong with that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!