When I Knew

Finding the smooth, light blue, silk-like panties that have lace on the sides was the best day of my young life.  I was probably in 6th or 7th grade.   I would put on these cute little panties that were my mothers when she was younger that I found packed away in a box in the basement.  I would tuck (blush) and then slide the panties on.  Then I would put on a padded bra (also found in the same box).  I would usually find one of my old tight fitting tshirts because it gave me nice boobs to rub as I looked at myself in the mirror.  I had long hair at the time so really all I needed was lipstick and eyeshadow to complete the fantasy and then I would watch myself.  I could see my smooth crotch just below my t shirt and I would pull the t-shirt off my shoulders so I could see the little white bow and the bra strap coming across my collar bone.  Honestly, I could watch myself and rub my legs together and the stimulation of my you know what between my legs would eventually lead to amazing ******.  I am actually excited from this story now :).  *sigh* I wish I could have been a woman.

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I remember the first time I wore panties. It was one of my sisters bikini style panties I found on the restroom floor. I don't know why I started but I do know it made me super horny and hard. After that I was doing it a lot. Now I wear them all the time. ;) Would love to see you in some.

I like the way panties enhance my figure that is getting more curvy since I`ve been taking hormone shots. Soon I`ll be wearing a bra now that my breasts are growing. I cant wait to see how I look in a year!

Enjoy your sharing..... so much in common and most of the time we thought we were all alone. I enjoy being a man but would have love to experienced being a girl from baby to adult .... I was always so jealous of them.. still am. But too late in the game to change. Good luck

I think silky panties are great, I have been wearing them under my work clothes for years.<br />
I like big silk panties, usually pink.<br />

Panties wearing people will one day (very soon) take over and RULE the world ........ Can you imagine the pure raw energy & excitment that She will provide & release to all us panty wearing people!!!!!!

It is a wonderful experience panties for the first time

Oh My....I luv the look of my sexy bra strap on my shoulder. It hugs my chest so snugly. Then to look down, over the lace edged cups, to see my boi clitty start to get so excited in a sexy pair of my prettty panties!!! Mmmmm.....i just adore the scene and the feeling !!!

hope you have moved on to bras as well and keep yourself smooth to enhance yor feminity<br />
<br />

am wearing panties full time now they are addictive just feel so happy

Panties is one of the best thing in a world... The mens underwear needed to be banned....

A slip is a under garment like a skirt, but it can have a top to it, thus a full slip or a half slip, a full slip is put on after the bra and panties, and before the dress or blouse and skirt

When I was a kid,I went in my mom's bedroom (she or my dad weren't home at the time). I found 2 pr. of pretty, sexy bikini panties in her panty drawer.I put first one pr. and then the other pr. I got so horny and went into the bathroom and jacked off!

I enjoy being a man that wears women's panties,slips and stockings....guess it's the feeling of being naughty and the mystique of getting caught!! Panties fulfill me in ways my wife cannot.She knows I enjoy my panties and hers and is very understanding of my desires.