Total Enjoyment With Panties

I desires are as strong today as they were years ago. The excitment i get pulling the panties up my legs until they are snug up against my xxxx. I am reading stories from others while i panty play. Sometimes i put on pantyhose oh i get so excited just thinking of putting on some beautiful panties and hose. I go buy them for myself or thrift stores find them or steal them. I love playing with panties. I do have a big fantasy that some day if it comes true and that is to panty play with someone else. We could go get panties together then we could panty play together and i would get to put a panty covered xxxx in my mouth until he xxxx. I am getting excited writing writting this.
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3 Responses May 10, 2012

I love IT

My first panties was red nylon panties belonging to my auntie Megan. She is sexy lady. And I use to watch her walk around in silky panties and shear gown girdles etc. At 9 found panties on laundromat floor as she was doing laundry. I picked them up looked around no one saw so I stuff them invent pants
When I got hone ran downstairs to many room smelt them Lpicked them put them on
Mmmmm that lead to pantyhose girdles and full dressing. I stole panties and continue to this day. Met some gurls and love my clitty mouth thru my panties or hose mmm