Running And Pantyhose: Who Knew?

I posted my more complete pantyhose story in the group that wears L'eggs Sheer Energy--which seems to be a brand that practically has cult status. A few weeks ago, when the weather was still nice, I was sitting on the subway in my Adidas shorts and sexy racing shoes, a tight tie-dyed peace T-shirt and a pair of Sheer Vitality suntan pantyhose. I wear pantyhose so often now, it seems so ordinary. But I thought back to high school, when I started shaving my rather feminine-looking legs and wearing L'eggs Sheer energy suntan pantyhose. It was such am exciting and unique thing to do. I used to enjoy wearing them to run in or to bike or at the doctor's office where I worked after school. It was fun to watch people's reactions, the way they would stare and try to determine just why my legs looked so suspiciously smooth and perfectly tan. I got the idea from a woman runner who passed me in a race. As she pulled passed and kept flying ahead, I was transfixed by the beauty of her strong, toned, pantyhosed legs. The next day, I went to the drug store and bought my first pair. . . . It would be great if more men felt liberated enough to wear pantyhose openly. It would be even better if more women wore them under short-shorts or running shorts. I saw a young woman in a cafe the other day who was obviously a teacher grading papers. She sat back in a big overstuffed chair in a pair of quite short, tight cut-offs and gray, sheer-to-waist pantyhose. Amazingly hot! So I went to the drug store and bought a pair of off-black L'eggs Sheer Energy and they replaced my usual suntan for awhile. Then I found how nice Navy pantyhose can look. Navy pantyhose are really spectacular!
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2 Responses Jan 7, 2011

Great story, a woman in pantyhose will get my attention,when I have seen one with fairly short shorts and pantyhose as you described, she has my totally undivided attention,as well as my thoughts of how I can get her to like me.

Yeah I love em too - but as you stated, I don't havethe guts to wear them showing - as much as I want to- dying to just wear them out and about doing my daily routines, but alas... to scared of the public reactions. Tried it once to a drug store , got me excited and scared and turned on =, but I didn't stay long in the store - my sheer hose were starting to sag and looked pretty obvious I was not bare legged. Just a dude in shorts and PH. Still a virign to a **** sucking and getting dicked in my arse too.. Someday maybe soon...