Pantyhose Experience

I met a fantasic lady when I was 18, she was 21. We went out for about 3 years, it was my first time in love, you know the kind of love that gives you a lump in your throat every time you see them, or makes your heart skip a beat, just to be near them, the sweet tingle of excitment in holding hands. All that and more, although it didn't work out for us, she stll owns a piece of my heart to this day. My lady worked as a secretary, receptionist and wore a short uniform skirt. She always wore tan pantyhose and had a beautiful pair of legs, the sight of which used to drive me crazy! After work on a Friday she would drive over to my place, as she had a car and I didn't. We would go out for dinner, or go to the drive-in, whatever it was, we always ended up outside my place to say good-night. It started out by me offering to massage her feet and legs which she would eagerly agree to after a long day at work. While she enjoyed the massage, it was truly heaven for me, that soft, tight sensual feeling, as my fingers worked their way up and down her pantyhosed legs, was almost too much to bare! It was during one of these sessions that my fingers made contact with her groin and she let out soft moan. I started to move my fingers around, over the pantyhose gusset, her legs opened slightly and I began to get excited. The next thing I knew, she took hold of my hand and started to rub herself with my fingers, I got the message and began to pleasure her through those beautiful tan hose. The faster I rubbed, the more she responded, until I actually let go in my jeans, just before she came, a small wet patch appearing through the nylon. We had many more experiences like that, but nothing like the first one! Strange though, in all our time together, I had many opportunities to use her pantyhose, but I never did.
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Very hot ! What a great way to take your relationship to the next level. Plus, I just love to look up women's skirts and see they are wearing nothing but their pantyhose. Thanks.

I have many memories like this of my first girl friend !

only the pantyhose is lasting impression. nothing else?

Thanks for that, she was the love of my lfe, lots of memories good and bad. Still have a picture of her in a blue dress with those fantastic tan pantyhose on.

Nice story