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Every Day, All Day...commuting, Shopping...who Notices?

I mentioned before that I'm a mega addict for my sheers. I'm busy at work at the moment and v stressy - and wearing my tights every day is my personal treat.
Also my view is if I am going to get waxed, I may as well decent sheers, and enjoy them. For discretion - i do have socks for work - but I just wear my knickers and sheers under my work things and forget about it. After a week - its normal and for me - as soon as I leave my desk for home, I can dispense with the socks and i'm in my funky trainers and whatever else i'm in - suit, jeans etc.
It actually feels a bit strange not having that layer on now - whatever I'm in.
Usually I live in very sheer skin tones - occaisionally glossy - usually matte and less than 10denier. I prefer them so sheer and such a match you will have to be actively checking to see them.

Which, of course, some girls do.

Occaisionally a double take, very rarely a word.... but frankly - why wear socks when yu can live in tights!
NicoleTS NicoleTS 41-45, T 10 Responses Jan 26, 2012

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Do you have favourite brands or ranges of sheer tights? I've tried only a few so far, and found they vary a lot in terms of how natural they look. I like them when you have to be quite close to notice them.<br />
<br />
Wearing tights gives so much pleasure, it is lovely to be able to share thoughts about it.

I often wear tights and always a lacy slip for work and I miss them when it is very hot in the summer ,

i can not live any more without pantyhose years and years daily until now at 34 degrees i wear 8 den PH Sasa in m eneeded more and more

That's great but I prefer seeing a woman wear pantyhose that have panties built in, and not wear additional panties. Not only are they redundant, they allow VPL which is not a flattering look. If you are doing cheer leading or something where you expect your skirt to fly up, you can be excused for having regular panties too. My wife worked in a bank for over 10 years before we met and she always wore her pantyhose that way. It looks more professional.

I retired 2 yrs ago and I now dress full time as alycee. I so love wearing pantyhose and heels every day. I am never without my pantyhose, but I am sure I would feel very undressed and odd if I did not wear my pantyhose

i love to wear my tights and panties every day it feels so strange on the very rare occasions i don't wear them

I'm a big fan of ultra sheer hosiery as well. It's real sexy to see matte sheers that match the skin tone, and not be too sure if the person is wearing hosiery or not.

I wear pantyhose everyday, even to work. A couple of people have noticed and actually asked if I was wearing pantyhose. Of course I told them that I was. I wear for several reasons. Leg support, as I have some problems, and I like the way they look and feel on my legs. My gf also likes the way they make my legs look. I wear openly with shorts in the summer and have not had any negative looks or comments as of yet and I've been wearing for over six years now. Most people either don't look or just don't care. Enjoy wearing your hosiery,...after all their just another piece of clothing !

I really enjoy my panty hose too. I wear them under my slacks to work too. And always pulling my pant leg up to feel my stocking clad legs. Very exciting all day long.. Angie.;-)

I totally agree, but I don't wear socks to work ;-) I have been doing this for 3 years now and if anyone had noticed they haven't said anything. Sometimes my ankles show, but its my choice in socks is the way I look at it. I like thicker sheers too, generally 30 to 70 den and some support too.<br />
<br />
Enjoy your hosiery!