Love For My Hose

Not like alot of stories here,mine started with lusting over the next door lady that seems to always be dressed two the nines.Always made a point to be outside to see her come home to see what see would be wearing,,then oneday,while she was gone,i went over to her house. i went to the back door and it was unlock. so i just went right on in. brave of me or just plain stupid,but i wanted to see her closet,,so i made it to her room,and right as i walked in i seen a drawer left open,,,now i wanted to see her panty drawer,but this was even better,,,it was her pantyhose drawer,,,,until then, i never thought of pantyhose ever in my life.,,, but i started looking through and she had so many different kinds,,i mean,color,style,,tights,sheer,,,every kind a lady would need for any occation,,,,i just had to slide a pair on and did,,,that is when i became a pantyhose wearer,,,i stood there,looking in her full lenght mirror,admiring myself,,,then i notice and felt this hard rod between my legs...i only touch myself,,and i exploded,,,as i was only about 12 or 13,,,but since then i dont feel the need to wear for sexual reason,just love wearing them for the comfort and how they make my legs feel after a long day,,,nothing better than wearing ''leggs sheer energy'' i have crossdressed,but that is another story for later
sexyblueeyes0940 sexyblueeyes0940
41-45, M
Nov 26, 2012