Pantyhose Life..

I've worn pantyhose for a long time.  It started when I was ~3-4 when my mom found me in a corner trying on her stockings.  She didn't freak out.  She would give me old pairs to wear as long as I stayed out of her new ones.  As I got older, and we both understood more, I really got into crossdressing with her support.  I go through periods where I'm dressed more as a woman than a man...and then times when I hardly wear pantyhose.  Much more to the story, but that's a start.....

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I don't really think of pantyhose as feminine necessarily. They make a woman's legs more beautiful but on a man they make his legs look more muscular and strong. Like a male ballet dancer in tights! As long as the man doesn't wear any lacy garters or thigh high over his pantyhose!!

Good times - glad to hear your mom didn't freak out and in fact supports your choice of attire. Nice, I support it too, and wear PH or thigh highs or stockings as often as possible, day or night, work or play, as long as I don't plan on getting exposed. <br />
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I wear pantyhose almost every day when it is cold outside. They are almost better than long underwear and the sheer energy kind feel good on my legs.

I wear pantyhose, also, but not all the time. Only when it gets cold and I want to keep my legs warm.

must have varicose vein fascination or something to keep wearing those *******.