My Wife Loves Me In Pantyhose

I guess I'm a very fortunate guy. I wear panties and pantyhose as well as camies 24/7 ...At home ,in bed, at work at the doctor office, at my hair dresser, everywhere. My wife is ok with it and she has even bought me panties and camies for my birthday and at Christmas several times. In the evenings, I'm usually in pantyhose and a mini skirt all night. I eat dinner and than watch TV with the wife, she may strock my thigh through the hose or my tummy while I have my arm around her... Feels great...

On weekends I get up early, get back into my skirt, and make us breakfast... I love to walk around in pantyhose and a mini shirt while she watches and may make some cute remarks ( "you have great legs honey"....  "I can see you pink panties"... or " hey your nail polish is smuged"....)....

I do most of the house cleaning and laundry dressed as a sissy... As a girl should...and I love it....  I take out the garbage or get something in the car dressed like that, hoping the neighbors would see me.. I love to go shopping with her.. she'll buy something for herself... and I'll look for something sexy for me... she'll say,"that a cute color, that should look great on you, I cant wait to see you in it later"....That mkes me sooooo hard, I want to *** right then and there....  

In the summer I wear a camies under a Tee shirt, so the straps are somewhat visible. Love to walk by a mirror in the store and see what everyone sees....

Yes... I'm a lucky guy... wouldn't trade this for anything....

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They feel sensual on your legs, give support for better circulation and feels sexy when rubbed against hers! Benefits your bowling stance also! My wife gave me a pair of hers to wear when we were skiing and it was bitter cold. Added a bit of warmth and also kept my wool long johns from feeling scratchy. Later we were sitting at the condo with them on and began rubbing our legs together. Got us both turned on! Later on she began buying me pantyhose to wear to work where I am on my feet most of the day and, WOW, they really helped a lot! Wife likes sliding her fingers along them too! Be careful, tho. this can lead to further things. I would be wandering about the house in just a men's shirt and sheer pantyhose, and one day she wondered aloud how that would look with a miniskirt! Next thing I knew, she brought home a plaid, pleated miniskirt and had me try it on! She giggled and told me I looked hot in it! That isn't the end. Next she wondered how I would look in heels! So now often she has me put on a miniskirt and stiletto pumps when I get home from work. She is bi and said she loves seeing women in miniskirts, hose and heels and finds me the best of both worlds when she has me wear them! Now she wants my legs hairless and packs me off to her salon to have my legs waxed. Now that is an experience! If you have never had a young Asian girl waxing your legs and bikini line you have missed out on a huge sensual experience! I cannot help from being aroused during the leg and bikini line waxing! The gal doesn't seem to mind either, giggling and telling me I am a "strong man"!

It is certainly nice to know that some guys are loved for who they are no matter what they wear. I'm one of the lucky ones as well. My wife and I have never been closer since we started wearing hose together.

Wow, i want to see you in that miniskirt. Your wife will love seeing you get oggled by guys and want you more. She may want to see you get taken by a man and i'm ready. If i was your neighbor and saw you, I would walk over to chat so I could get a better look at those legs in hose and heels too. May need to help you in the house

you are lucky indeed

Yes, you are very lucky. I've only been married for over a year, and my wife has been wonderful and accepting of my feminine side. At first it was shocking for her, but with time, she has embraced the positive benefits it has on me mentally and physically. I like wearing pantyhose and tights as much as possible, in combination with leggings or spandex exercise gear. Once she realized that I'm comfortable and happy being a male, that I have no desire to get a sex change or to go out in public dressed as a woman, it was easy to accept the things i like to wear in private. Thanks for sharing your story, best of luck to you both.

You are very lucky, make sure your wife knows how much you appreciate her.<br />
<br />
I am similarly lucky, as my wife loves and accepts my dressing and nearly 24/7 hosiery wearing. Is wear skirts more too, but our family situation is complex. We don't get much alone time for me to dress in more than hose and pwnties, but we enjoy it when I can.<br />
<br />
We are lucky indeed... enjoy :)

You are a lucky guy with a wife that loves you in pantyhose.<br />
You also look very pretty in your pantyhose and that pretty pink dress.<br />
I really envy you.

Nuwkov: the only bad thing that can happen is being a TV and staying in a relationship with a woman that won't accept your lifestyle. TVs don't really change, and the desire to dress is too strong to fight. You are young, but your life will be better with a woman that understands this about you.

want to say u guy so lucky! my girl said If i do so, something bad would happen.