Pantyhose While Scuba Diving

I was doing my open water dives to become certified as an open water diver, during the instructors lecture they spoke of how the wet suits can be difficult to get on and a Lycra inner skin suit can be purchased to assist and keep you warm while diving. He also mentioned that if you wanted a pair of pantyhose could also do the same if you could put up with people making fun of you. The second day I was paired up with a female dive partner who I told that I had taken the advise of wearing pantyhose under my suit. After the dive she asked how it was wearing the pantyhose, I let her know it was warmer than without and the wet suit was easy to get on and off. She even say me remove my suit and wearing a pair of all sheer pantyhose. There was no other talking about it except when I got home and my wife also asked how it was wearing pantyhose and told her how much I enjoyed it, she knows of my fetish with pantyhose. That was around 20 years ago and I still have my fetish that has grown into more see my profile and photos.
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2 Responses Oct 1, 2011

Never thought of wearing pantyhose when I dive. A friend covered his body with flour once (And only once) I got a good laugh after ward.

Very sexy! I need to try that for sure!