A Walk In The Park

This summer my wife was having problems sleeping because of some back and hip troubles. Around 5AM one morning she was unable to sleep and woke me up.

(I often wear pantyhose when I'm sleeping and had them on this night and have always fantasized about going out in public with them on. My wife doesn't approve but accepts it and I'm sure she was unaware I was wearing at the time as she doesn't really pay attention until our intimate times when she notices them.)

I said, why don't we go for a walk? Maybe that will help. She said "well, it's worth a try". She got up and went to get dressed. I had hoped for this opportunity the night before, so had my shorts, shirt and socks ready by the bed. I got dressed quickly and went to get my shoes. I was hoping she wouldn't notice my pantyhosed legs. (I was wearing Oroblu Magie 20 glossy pantyhose in nude color)

Are you ready? I asked. She said yes I'll be right there.

I made sure to stay in the dark as much as possible avoiding the night lights and made sure the porch light was off. I stepped out onto the porch when all of a sudden, she turned the porch light on. Here I was on my front porch waiting for my wife to come outside thinking "I'm Screwed" with my pantyhose legs lit up under the lights. But she didn't notice at all. My heart was pounding in the thrill of being outside with my pantyhose in full view and I was hard as a rock! It's weird how I didn't want to get caught, but the excitement of that happening was a real turn on.

We began our walk and had great conversation. I was out in public, but at a time of day when nobody was around. Still the sensation of walking in the breeze with my pantyhose on under shorts was an incredible feeling.

I was sure she would notice when we walked under the street lights and was worried a time or two when a car was coming that the headlights would give away my shiny pantyhose.

We walked for about a mile by the time we got back home and she never noticed, (or at least never said anything about it if she did).

We came inside and she went into the walk-in closet to change out of her clothes. I hurriedly got undressed and made sure to take off my pantyhose and quickly jumped in bed.

She said I love you so much and thanked me for suggesting the idea of the walk because she felt much better now. I said I love you too and that it was kind of fun.

If she only knew how good it felt to me.........

PS- I was lucky enough to do the same thing the next night while wearing Peavey High Gloss Tights in Light Suntan color. What a thrill!

I have tried on several occasions when she can't sleep to suggest the walk again, but she hasn't taken me up on it.

I'll keep trying, but right now I'm typing this story while sitting at my office desk in my shorts while wearing Mondor Shimmer Cabaret tights in Copper color and a Caffarena Fancy Sheer Black Geometric Top under my shirt and this feels pretty fun too!

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1 Response Sep 13, 2012

Luv2 wearem. Great that you sleep in them and wear them out in public, even though it's a bit clandestine. Eventually you'll pluck up enough courage to take a daylight stroll, and you'll be surprised how little notice others take of you. We live in a society of "each to his / her own, so fashion trends like men in tights is becoming more acceptable to women. I'm betting that there are many many women who would love their man to dress in hosiery, but are 2 afraid to say so and just dream about it.Back in the dark ages, it was men who wore pantyhose, high-heel shoes, ties, suits, hats, and just about every other kind of fashion that women have hi-jacked, so wearing pantyhose is really nothing new. I see that you're into different makes & models of hosiery. That's a bit to complicated for me. I prefer the made for men ones with a built in fly as it is more convenient for having a p, and it also makes my equipment available to my wife whether I'm sleeping or around the house. I think your spouse is gradually coming to accept you wearing hosiery, as mine has, but if it enhances your sex life, she may be even more demanding of you wearing them. That has to be a plus for both of you. I'm not even allowed to leave the house if I'm feeling a bit frisky, so it has to dealt to first. Good on you & good luck.