Pantyhose And Skinsuit Cycling

I noticed that here is a great experience which I also share, but nobody has posted a story. So here it comes.

As I have mentioned in other stories, I have a kind of fetish for various kinds of tight-fitting or body covering one-piece clothing, be it labeled male, unisex, or most often, female. It all started from curiosity how do people feel in those clothes, when I was about 12-13.
I was a clumsy nerd, and now I am a big office worker which would never pass for anything else.

I do not swim and am not a good runner or sportsman otherwise, and tend to get overweight over the long winter in office.
But I like biking very much as 1) it helps me to exercise, 2) helps to get where I need independently within the city, saving money for the bus or car, and 3) gives me a good reason to wear what I want! Another reason for pantyhose is leg support for my circulation problems and leg cramps.

I live in a rather cool climate in Northern part of Europe, but the short summer can sometimes get quite hot, over 30 C (about 90 F), although most of the spring and summer is cooler. I like to wear tights openly with shorts while walking in the neighborhood or in the park, when the weather permits.

But the greatest thing is a one-piece cycling skinsuit (covering like t-shirt + shorts) when biking in park, to work or to shop in summer, worn with support pantyhose. It holds up the pantyhose, like a bodysuit or one-piece swimsuit would, and hugs the body, but does not have the cutting edges or the constrictiveness, and is designed for biking. I hate cycling in my jeans as they are not comfortable on the bike, and can get dirty or even into the chain! Also I sweat a lot, therefore I always change clothes for biking, even if it is just a short trip. When the weather is cooler, I change into cycling tights, but sometimes have pantyhose under.

People make strange looks sometimes, but no more trouble. It is nobodys business how I am dressed on my free time if within decent limits for the situation. And cycling gives perfect excuse to wear what you find safe and comfortable, rather than care about the "look" and what others would like.
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Nice experience. I too have a liking for wearing lycra for cycling and compression lycra. I prefer to by the gear that relates mostly to the sport I do which is cycling. I also find that it is more commonly accepted in society when it surrounds a sport of some description. In a social manner, not so much.

Getting out on the bike serves both my purposes of keeping fit, and wearing lycra. It's the best feeling.

I only wear men's lycra though. I prefer it to be men's so there is no misconception in my mind if someone asking if I am wearing men's garments or not. I feel more comfortable doing it that way and it puts the asker at ease.

I also go out cycling around my neighbourhood, wearing a Dancewear Leotard and tights. In the cooler weather I wear lycra dance leggings over nylon 15 or 20d tights, and in the warm months just the nylon tights usually black.
On occasions I sometimes wear a short sports skirt as well.
Several times I have spoken to people while out crossed dressed, but only had a awkward question once and that was by a young boy, who asked why I was wearing a ladies swimming costume.

Hey, great story.
Today I wore some 20 den nude pantyhose under my jeans when cycling to work. And no socks btw. It was pretty awesome. The socks part was visible while cycling but was covered when just walking/standing. I think soon I'll try hose with shorts.

Try it, and you will like it! I have little to add to this story - just that I do the same this summer. In my opinion, tights under jeans make it too warm for summer. Also thank you that you liked my story, I saw this was your first comment on EP?

Yes, no problem. Actually I'm very lonely with my pantyhose interests and looking for people to share some experiences :)

Why dont you write about it? There are so many groups on EP, you can definitely find a group that matches you best. And EP is just for that, sharing experiences!

EP is great, hands on. But I'm talking about real life people who I can share with. For example do pantyhose shopping together, talk, have friends with same interests...

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I can totally relate to your story. I love wearing one piece swimsuits when I am biking. I always wear a biking jersey to but it feels awesome to bike in a swimsuit. Probably the biggest reason is it feels like nothing is constricting your movement. The biggest reason is I love to wear them all the time and like you said when your road biking it seems ok.