I guess I'm old fashioned but when I get dressed up (like most days for work) and I'm wearing dress slacks I always wear pantyhose underneath. That gives me a smooth line (I don't wear panties with pantyhose) and just holds everything in and makes me feel sleeker and prettier. And it makes my ankles and feet look nice and makes my shoes fit better. Sometimes when it's really hot I'll wear knee-hi hose and a thong but you can always tell when a woman is doing that because her butt is jiggly :) Anyway I don't know why women hate wearing hose, I've been wearing them since junior high and they just feel natural to me. I also catch guys staring at my feet and my tush when I have them on :)
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Add me plz 🙈😳

mmmm love the look and feel of hose on a woman.

Are you male? If not, what kind of crossdressing do you do?

No, I'm not!!!!!!!!!

Do you have any hosiery pictures of yourself? Do you crossdress as a man?