How I Started My Pantyhose Obsession

My parents divorced when I was little. I grew up living with my mom and 3 older sisters, so I was always surrounded by pantyhose and tights.

I was about 5 years old when curiosity got the better of me. One afternoon I sneaked a pair of pantyhose out from my mom's room and went into my room. I got naked and tried on the pantyhose. I was only 5, so they were very big on me, but the sensual silky feeling was like heaven. I laid in bed under the covers, just rubbing my legs together and enjoying myself, then one of my sisters walked in! She said, "What are you doing?" And I said, "Nothing!!" but of course I must have looked really guilty. She pulled open the covers and saw me in pantyhose. She said, "Why are you wearing pantyhose?" And I said, "Because they feel good." Haha lame answer, but hey I was only 5, and it was an honest answer. But nevertheless, I was soooo embarrassed.

From that point, for the rest of that day, my memory goes completely blank, so I'm guessing my mind is repressing the memory of what happened for the rest of that day. Ultimately I'm guessing my sister was shocked, but also assumed it was just me being a silly 5 year old brother. Nobody else in the family ever mentioned it, so I don't think she told my other sisters or my mom.

But my love of pantyhose continued for many years. I would collect pantyhose that my mom threw out because they had runs/ladders in them. Over many weeks, I would amass a nice stash and hide them between my mattresses, but then they would always disappear one day. So my mom was probably discovering them whenever she changed the sheets, and then threw them out. So she probably knew about my fetish, but never said anything. I just kept up the charade of don't ask, don't tell. Eventually I came up with a better hiding place for my pantyhose.

Then came the pre-pubescent years. I was 10 or 11, and I had grown enough that my mom's pantyhose would fit me pretty well. My mom didn't come home from work until the evening. My two oldest sisters had gotten married and moved out, and the last sister (the one that discovered me) would only come home on the weekends. So basically, after school every day, I would have the whole house to myself.

My daily ritual after school would be to go in my room and wear pantyhose and act out various fantasies. By this age, I had started to experience instant hard ons whenever I put on pantyhose. One day, I had arranged the pillows on my bed the long way, the length of the bed (I had a lot of pillows). I laid face down on the pillows, enjoying the sensual silky feeling of the pantyhose on my legs, butt, and erectíon. Then for the heck of it, I started thrusting slowly into the pillow. My erectíon got harder than I ever experienced before, I was hard like a broomstick. The sensations were absolutely incredible. I was utterly consumed by how good it felt, and kept thrusting for quite a long time. I didn't understand the sensations I was feeling, just that it kept building and building, and it felt SO GOOD. I was gradually increasing the intensity of the thrusting. All of a sudden, I was hit with a lightning bolt of ecstasy and ejàculated in my pantyhose and on the pillow. It was like an explosion.

At the time, I didn't know what an 0rgasm was, or what the meaning of masturbatíon was. But I knew that I liked it!! From that point, pantyhose masturbatíon became a regular thing for me after school. Also because of that, for me there would forever be an extremely sexual aspect  to enjoying pantyhose. As I entered puberty, the connection between me and pantyhose and tights became even deeper, but that is for another post...
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I didn't exactly get pillows wet, but my experience was similar, in that my parents and I did not discuss my crossdressing habit, and I managed to keep it fairly well hidden. Like you, I discovered between box spring and mattress wasn't perpetually effective as a hiding spot. Sheer Energy was my initial allure; actually, I figured, massage my legs? It'd probably massage...hmmm...between my legs too. The one thing I figured out is, I could cut a damaged leg off (leaving a good leg), and wear two one-leg hoses to make a sort of complete pair of pantyhose. It wasn't exactly detrimental this meant twice the Lycra around my groin :-).

Eventually, instead of pantyhose, I pilfered a pair of navy blue tights from one of my sisters. This as you can imagine seemed to have the advantage of being more run-resistant. At one point, I took some safety pins and a long-ish sweatshirt, and attempted to simulate a leotard. It worked OK, but not particularly well. Eventually, I got an actual leotard to wear with those tights.

I must have been 8 or 9, so it was just a stimulating feeling. But of course at some point, I hit puberty, and the feeling took on a whole other dimension.

yep, pantyhose-humping pillows... that was my first time too... not in pantyhose, first time ************.

Nice story.

Wonderful story, thank you for sharing.