My First Job

My first job was as a office junior in a small office in town,my daily duities were filling making the tea being the dogsbody to the office.. There three women in this office Janet,Clare and Michelle,The dresscode for the women was blouse,skirt,tights and small heeled shoes and for me shirt,tie and trousers,
They would try and play little games with me to see if i would be embarrassed or go red in the face.
One Friday afternoon .i had been filling for most of day in one of the storeroom. I was so bored....Janet one of the women asked if i would move her desk for her,which i agreed to.
Janet who was divorcee in her early forty who still had a cracking figure,dark brown shoulder lenght hair, hazel eyes and wicked sence of humour i would find out later

I moved her desk to were she wanted it put, but as she walked round to sit down in her chair she caught her leg on the open desk draw Janet let out a scream and the other two came rushing into the small office.All Janet had done was to put large ladder in the tights,They soon talked me into going to the department store to get a new pair and she added can you get me a box of three pairs
I was gone for about 30 minutes making sure i had got the right shade,size and denier.As i walked into Janets office i could see had she had taking old tights off and these were sticking out of her filling cabinet... she said close the door behind you and sit down in the chair. I handed her the box of tights,she looked at me and smiled and she said these are my favorite,How did you know? Little did she know they were mine too.
Janet then smiled once more then opened up the box of tights and proceeded to put a pair on in front of me. Firstly she run her hand up inside the pair to collect the toe and slided them over her size 5 left foot and pulled them up in the knee and then did the same with her right foot,then to my amazement she hitched up her skirt passed her waist reveal her white knickers she then turned round and pulled up her tights slowly as she pulled i could see her bottom change from white to a choclate brown(what a treat) Janet then pulled her skirt down and put her shoes on and said thankyou for going,its makes charge to have someone who know what we what...
Days later i pucked up the the courage and asked her out drink after work one evening and what happens next is coming soon
encaseme2 encaseme2
Jul 13, 2010