The First Time

I can only recall the early days when I used to sneak and wear my aunties pantyhose and even steal them only to find out my addiction to pantyhose was just the beginning. As i look back on this trend, i find it rather amazing there are many reasons people wear pantyhose especially men. I did my research and found out i just wear them because they feel good and look good. Life without pantyhose is just boring.
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i love opaque pantyhose so dark lovely

I remember taking a pair of pantihose from my aunt's suitcase when she came to stay when I was about 10 years old. They were a silky brown pair. As I got older I bought my own pairs. I often wear stockings in preference to pantihose but do have a few pairs, mostly in black. I do like the look of sheer pantihose under a short slip.

Men do wear pantyhose for all sorts of reasons. Hosiery retailers will tell you that men represent approximately half of their sales. When you get down to it, what's the big deal if men do wear hose?

I know that in our household, I buy about 85% of the pantyhose and my wife buys only 15% of the pantyhose.

I love wearing pantyhose. Nothing looks or feels better. I sleep in pantyhose all the time too. I sleep much better. I also find slipping on a pair of pantyhose relaxes me. After or during times of stress and aggravation, slipping on a silky pair of sheer to waist pantyhose over my hairfree legs gives me a feeling of happiness, peace and relaxation.<br />
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I also don't like bare legs. It's quite rare that when I'm showing my legs, they are not in pantyhose.

I also believe that slipping on a pair of sheer-to-waist pantyhose relaxes me and reduces my anxiety significantly.

Yes! Many men find that wearing hosiery or doing some level of crossdressing to be very relaxing.

Although I have panty hose I prefer hose with garters or stay -up thigh hi's.

Oh god Honey. You HAVE too shave your legs and put on a new pair of hose. You eill be Blown Away by the soft, senusal, feeling of the hose!

I love wearing pantihose and stockings I find that the Italian brands of pantihose are the most sensual feeling I always try to buy these Italian brads

its good to know other males wear them for the same reasons i do.ive been wearing since i was 12.i too use to steal my sisters/moms.

I don't shave my legs. I haven't gotten that far yet. Thanks 4 asking though.

I used to sneak then too from my Mom anf Grandma when we lived with her. I think my guilt over wearing was due to the stealing and not what I was wearing (probably a little was that). Now I buy my own and don't sneak or hide... its much better now ;)