Embarrassed While Buying Pantyhose

I wear pantyhose, usually L'eggs Sheer Energy, because of a suggestion made by a female friend.  I work in sales & spend most of my day on my feet, I also walk a lot.

I was in a local clearance outlet buying a few things & decided to pick up 2 pair of L'eggs while I was there. There were at least 3 ladies in the line behind me whenI was being rung through the checkout, when the clerk held up my pantyhose & said "Going out on the town tonight?"!!  I paid for me purchase & left in a hurry.

First time anything like that ever happened to me!
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I was at walgreens purchasing som suport pantyhose and the cleark said somthing {I ant rember exactly what} I replyed that i had been spider bitten on my leg and was undeer doctors orders to ware suport hose si the swelling would not be as bad I have been Bitten and I showed her the bandages on my leg to which she apligised I felt anoyed that I had to explain

Next time tell mullet man or anybody else for that matter, to go **** themselves amd mind their own business !! It's your body, do what you will with it ! Hold your head high when buying...we wore them before they did !! I agree with BizSuitStacy, go to Penneys or Macys, they are much more considerate of peoples needs. I shop at Penneys alot and the sales girls are very courteous and helpful. Hope this one incident does deter you from wearing and shopping for hosiery.

i personally like getting them it a high i am bold enough to by them with my girl she think that there all our for her lol and by my on heels as well

Very poor taste, and a genuine lack of class on the part of the clerk. She should just have kept her mouth shut, and ring up the sale. I buy mostly on line, but many stores in my neighborhood have self service checkout, so i can get what I want, check it out by myself, and avoid any looks or questions. On the rare occasion there is a query, a good response is that you are using them to filter oil or paint.

Yes it can be a extremely embarasssing situation

I being buying my sheer tights and pantyhose since I voes 17-18.now I m n My forties,sometimes I don't find the size or brand i looking,and I ask the sales person at the hose department for help.Most ladies like help out guys who buying pantyhose or tights for them self.

Hey to each their own. I have a male friend who got busted by his wife for fooling around. She found women's panties and hose under the seat of his car while she was cleaning it. He claimed that he bought them for himself but they didn't fit and he couldn't return them and that he intended to throw them away. His wife didn't buy it so she bought him some panties and hose and told him that in order to prove he wasn't lying to her he had to wear them every day for a month. That was 6 months ago and he is still wearing hose and panties. He discovered that he enjoys wearing them. I support and respect his choice because it takes a brave person who chooses to be different. (So long as no one gets hurt )

Wow! That is a great story. That is another way to get your wife to accept your crossdressing.

mysteriotype: If you're buying L'eggs, have a look at onehanesplace.com, where you can buy them in bulk. They frequently have sales or special promotions too, which can make for even better deals. It's been years since I've been to a Hanes/Bali outlet, so I'm not up to date on current prices. But the dollars saved by purchasing in bulk online might be worth it.<br />
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If you're interested in trying finer European hosiery, as mentioned in a previous post, there's an EP member named hosierylover who has her own online store called TheStylishFox.com. Her company is steadily growing, and she offers among the most competitive prices for Trasparenze pantyhose (one of my favorite brands).<br />
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AlexBlake.com also offers many different brands of European hosiery.

Yes, it can be a very embarrassing experience. Here are a couple of ideas that may help. A number of responders have already commented that you can purchase online. <br />
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I've had the good fortune of making friends with the owner of The Stylish Fox, which is an online hosiery retailer. www.thestylishfox.com She is very nice and understanding. She loves hosiery herself, and is sensitive to the needs of men who like wearing them. The URL is www.thestylishfox.com<br />
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Another alternative is to go to the hosiery section of department stores. Not a Walmart or Kmart, but a department store that sells clothing, i.e Macys, Penny's etc. The sales staff in the hosiery department at these stores are often trained and/or are very aware that men like to purchase hosiery for themselves. <br />
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If you purchase from a general retailer, you run the risk of some fat *** with a mullet making fun of the guy buying pantyhose.

I was embarrassed once at Walmart when I was perusing the hosiery aisle. Another shopper went by and said "Pantyhose are for girls! Are you a girl?". I didn't even look up till she had gone by and all I saw was a giant *** and a mullet. I was terribly embarrassed at the time. Later on I got angry and wish I would have said "Why do you care what I'm doing? Worry about yourself!" It really irritates me how concerned other people can get about me doing something that has nothing to do with them, it just makes them uncomfortable because they don't understand and not understanding something breeds fear. Ignorance in not bliss, at least for those of us who do things outside of "normal", whatever that means.

For those who don't buy pantyhose often or have only purchased pantyhose a few times before for you own personal use an strictly a secret basis, that can be embarassing. I can also understand how the next time you want to buy some pantyhose, you may be reluctant to do so. Don't worry about it too much.<br />
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I don't know what your marital or relationship status is. Neither do I know the same statistics of that clerk. Back years ago when I was single and buying a lot of pantyhose at stores, If I was asked that question, my response would have been, "I sure am. Want to come party with me?"<br />
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I used to look for opportunities like that.

I don't have this problem as I do all my femme shopping en femme I love it and it leaves no doubt in any ones mind who they are for ,But yes if you are still living in your closet then making out they are for your girlfriend may be a good way to put it if you are questioned

Well the going out on the town tonight was an advertisement from long ago and females still use it today . I probably woulda said yes and asked her which ones she wore or reccomended . I had a clerk do that to me one time when I was buying maxi pads for a female friend of mine . She announced over the intercom she needed a price and I chimed out Im not sure i got the right ones and asked her which ones she used . Needless to say the store was laughing but I just brushed it off and went on . Dont think the clerk was too happy though . Anyway You should find a few places with more experienced older clerks or real young ones . I found the older ones actually know and you can tell by their facial ex<x>pressions if they approve , disapprove or dont really care what you buy . However I have found they are on a commission sometimes and when i go I buy like maybe 10 to 15 pairs at a time , This lets me make less trips and if the clerk is on commission they are happy its a big sale . Always pick a female clerk though and sometimes it helps not to ring out in a lingerie section but one that is free of people if your buying pantyhose by themselves , As for wal mart I found that weekday mornings really early and late nights during a weekday are real good . Prime days for me is after 9pm monday thru thursday and when school is back in sunday nights at 10pm is good to . It basically is in the timing of things , Halloween and the holidays is a good time to buy and if they ask say your buying them for your wife as she is somewhere else that doesnt have them or coming back from soccer practice or something .

Here's a tip. I would suggest you say i'm buying them for my girlfriend. Your girlfriend could be a actual girlfriend or the emotional ties you have built up for wearing your pantyhose. This I would suggest to take the heat off you without any questions being asked.

I am sure they just thought they were being funny. They would have probably assumed that you were buying them for your wife or girlfriend. It's all good though, to each their own.