First Time Buying Tights

i can clearly rember the first time i bought tights.i was 14 and really nervous as i walked into the shop. i knew what size to buy as i had been wearing my sisters for quite a while i found the hoisery section but had to wait awhile for it to clear as there were some women in there.inoticed that one of the women who looked about 35-40 was wearing a short skirt and a pair of barely black she crouched down to pick her tights from the lower shelf i saw up her skirt  to see she was wearing shear white knickers under her tights i then got the biggest hard on i'd ever had i was almost coming.after she went i picked apair of barely black tights made my way to the counter where to my releif i was served by a woman who just smiled at me. i then rushed home as fast as could still very hard thinking about the woman in the hoisery aisle. i got in ******** off put the tights on within seconds of rubbing my **** through the tights i had a massive ****** my *** filling the tights i then spent the rest of the day ************ and coming in the tightsall the while thinking about the lady in the shop wishing i could wear her tights and knickers. 
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2 Responses Aug 6, 2010

And some off us do, lol. Ok not quite 24/7 but you get the idea :)

I've often thought it funny that most women can't wait to take their pantyhose off and most men wholove pantyhose would wear them 24/7 if they could.