Climaxing In Tights by gina999

just had a fantastic experience wearing was with a friend of my next door neighbour, we were talking about the weather etc. when she noticed that iwas looking at her legs(she was wearing a short skirt and barely black tights).isaid that her legs looked realy good and jokingly asked if she was wearing stockings and suspenders she answered that she was wearing tights and said she bet that i was dissapointed. i said no  and that i prefered a wpman in tights as she can wear shorter skirts and show more leg one thing led to another and we went back to her flat .she asked me if ihad a thing for tights isaid yes and she offered to show me more i leapt at the chance! she sat back tin the chair pulled her skirt up and spread her legs so i could see to the tops of her thighs and the silky red knickers she was wearing. i instantly got a rock hard erection which she noticed and said it would be ok for me to get it out and start rubbing. it in a flash i was undressed and rubbing i asked if i could rub my **** against her thigs an she said yes! she then raised her legs iknelt in front of her and started rubbing my **** against her thighs she looked to be realy enjoying it and just before i came she took my **** and put on her crotch the warmth of her vagina coming through the tights and knickers made me come with a massive ****** my ***** went allover her crotch and thighs which she said she loved.ithen asked to watch her ********** she said yes and asked how. iasked if she could do it through her tights and knickers she asked if i had a fettish for ladies underwear  i said yes and that i like to crossdress she asked if i would like to wear her underwear i readily said yes after she had *********** in them. after about five minutes of rubbing she came.what came next was fantastic. we went into the bedroom where she undressed and put the tights on me the feeling was incredible i felt the warmth and dampness of her climax and my ***** on the  nylon she then reached in and *********** me. i came with powerful ****** my ***** soaking the tights.we then had sex with me wearing the tights the whole time just before i left she *********** me making me come into her knickers she let me take the tights home .we have agreed to meet again next week and i cant wait! 
gina999 gina999
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