First Time In Tights by gina999

the first time i wore tights was when i was about 13. my sister had one of her friends stay for the weekend her name wasTammy she was 19 at the time. i remeber she wore short skirts so that every time she crossed her legs i could see up her skirt and see her knickers giving me a hard on! i realy wanted to get hold of a pair of her knickers but she always kept them in her bag in my sisters room. on the sunday she came down for breakfast in a short skirt and wearing sheer barely black hoisery i fantasised that she was wearing stockings and suspenders(i still love them to this day).i ended up going up to my room and ************ i shot my load after only about 2 minutes of rubbing. mum said she was going out to meet her freinds for lunch so i was left alone with my sister and about 11 o clock they said thy were going out and would i mind i readily said no as this gave me a chance to get my hands on a pair of Tammys knickers.just before they went out Tammy said she was coing to change and put some jeans on. i got excited as i thought i might get my hands on her stockings and suspenders as well! i had a monster hard on at the time .after a while they went out and i went straight up to my sisters room and tammys bag. no stockings but i found her worn knickers and three pairs of tights. i wondered which pair she had been didn't take long for me to find out as they were still warm. i couldn't control myself -i had to put thm on i went into my room and ******** off it ook me a few minutes to put them on(my first time after all).the feeling was amazing not only could i smell her scent on them i could feel her warmth -the warmth of her vagina.i started rubbing my **** through the material after about three minutes i came i had never had an ****** like it i had never spurted out so much ***** before.i *********** about three more times the tights completly soaked in my *****.i was hooked there and then so i decided to keep them.Tammy left the folowing morning and seemed not to notice the missing tights i was very relieved. just before she said her goodbyes she found me in the kitchen and said she knew i had her tights and asked me what i had done with them. i went bright red she said if i din't tell her she would tell mum and my sister.i told her what i had done and showed her the tights complete with ***** stains she said i was naughty boy but did i enjoy my self i said yes and to my amazement she reached into her bag and gave me a pair of silky black knickers and told me to enjoy myself and that she would some back and see the come stains.a month later she came back to stay and in the night came into my room dressed me in a pair of her tights and *********** me untill i came in them then i *********** her until she came (my first sexual experience what a start!) iv'e been hooked on ladies underwear ever since but especialy tights.after that every opportunity i got i wore my sisters and mothers iv'e never looked back.
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Sounds very intersting