High Heels...and Pantyhose

hi....Im a guy and im just out of high school and am on christmas break right now....i started wearing high heels about 3 months ago. I like the feel of the heels on my feet.....especially pumps. i someday want a family but i can see this getting in the way of getting a wife....just a couple days ago i wore my heels to a couple public places in 5 different locations. i felt good in them....some people noticed others did not. its like i want to have a family someday but if i want to do that then i have to lose this habbit....cause i know girls will not like this...unless there is a girl out there that is willing to understand....or likes the fact that i wear high heels.

i also just got a new habbit a couple days ago....that is wearing a pantyhose with my pumps. I thought it would go good with my heels at first but they made my heel slip in the pumps...but i soon got used to this....now whenever i am home and my parents r not home...i wear a black pair of pantyhose. they r so soft....and its like im in heaven. i would like a family someday.....so i dont have to retype it read the same exact sentences up above. Plz.
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mmm ... i would like to see your pics babe .... like to add me ?

Wow, wish you were here, I would love to see you in them

Definitely cuts the pool of interested women down, but one never knows. Some women are into it, but not that many. Most feel that iyou are competing with them, which makes sense from their side if you think about it. Life can be short, though, and many folks will suggest that it's good to be honest with yourself, and it sounds like you're enjoying yourself. The cross dressing bit is addictive, though...<br />
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Be well, and best of luck!

You are not alone, you can have a fetish for anything, some small items, perfume, nail varnish etc. some will have a full transformation or total make over Fetish and yet there is no reason why you should not have a family life ! unto yourself be true, always tell your intended upfront all about yourself ! she will thank you for this, and it gives her the chance to stay or turn away. Do not leave it for her to discover at a later date she will look on you as deceitful BAd Bad Bad. <br />
If you think that in time you might want to do something like change sex you should not enter into marraige, again "unto yourself be true" good luck. M.

Nothing says you cant wear pantyhose and heels and have a wife and family. I wear pantyhose da8ly to work under my pants, I just love they day they feel. I wear hose, skirts, dresses, and heels at home with my wife. She likes it and we have a lot of fun with it. You can have both.... soujds like you need to explore this side of uou snd see hoe far it goes. Then you need to accept yourself. If you accept who you are it makes it much easier to share this with a prospective gf.<br />
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This is part of who you are, this is sometjing they get to enjoy and share with you if they are going to be dating you. Whoever you marry and have kids with should love and accept you for who you are.