I Wear Pantyhose

I started at a very early age. Moms and aunts and my cousins.
Aunt knew I was interested hose as I was always trying to feel them or peek up there skirts. Aunt always let me.
My first time wearing hose was when she had her daughters play dress up with me in there school uniform skirts and tights when I was 8.
They then showed me off to mom and aunt. Mom said I looked cute as she always wanted a daughter and aunt loved it. After that her daughters played dress up with me a few times a week. Aunt came to me a few days later and asked if I like wearing them and if I wanted to wear them more. I loved the feeling of them on me and knew I got hard in them for some reason. After that she had me wearing almost daily and said it was out little secret from mom.
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mmmmm exciting story!

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thanks for all the comments but I wont be continuing any more as I've been banned from a few sites writing about this topic. sadly...<br />
I can tell you that I've been having LOTS of fun around home and away while traveling with a few of my favorite women :) <br />
The best thing is that when your far away from home no one know who you are and many adventures can insure ;) <br />
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I am looking forward to reading more. I hope that you decide to continue the story.

Aunt woke me the next day by giving me a pair of her daughters off white pantyhose to wear for the day. Aunt was wearing a pair of seamless black pair of pantyhose and a short tennis skirt. She and mom teach fitness and yoga in our back yard and love the tight outfits worn around home. I put the pantyhose on and put on a pair of sweat pants over top and headed down for breakfast. It was Saturday both Molly and Emma got when we walked by. Mom’s clients started to arrive and got changed in the bathrooms. I was HARD already and loving all the pantyhosed women walking around the house. Ms. Dee and Miss Lynn were two women I knew well. Moms class was 6 women of different ages but all HOT in their workout wear. I was watching from the kitchen when Molly and Emma came down. Molly was wearing a pair of pink tights and a night gown and Emma was wearing a pair of black tights and was wearing pair of cutoff shorts over top. We said our good mornings as they sat down. Aunt served them breakfast and asked them if they had a good time last night. They both went red and smiled. Molly said that she hoped to do it again. Aunt smiled and said that she could arrange something. My **** jumped and throbbed at the thought. Emma asked me if I had fun watching them from the hallway.. I was stunned and looked at aunt. She said that she told them what I was up to while watching. I smiled and said I did :) We finished eating while moms class was started up in the back yard. Molly and Emma decided to go for a swim. As they left to change, aunt and I were left in the kitchen. She smiled and asked me if I had a good time watching last night, I smiled and said I did. Aunt came over to me as I was putting the dishes into the dishwasher. She grabbed my pantyhose waist line and pulled up, that made my pantyhose tight against my already hard ****. She smiled as I let out a sigh. She pulled and made my crotch very tight against my ****. "you like that don't you" she said with a smile. I nodded back and said yes. She then lead me back to her and moms room. She removed my sweat pants and I was just standing there in her daughter’s pantyhose and a hard on. Aunt smiled and said I look very sexy but needed something. She then went into moms pantyhose drawer and pulled out a pair of moms pantyhose and a vibrator. I got kinda nervous but she said that this will be fun. She pulled my pantyhose down a bit and had me hold the vibrator along my ****, she then took moms pantyhose and tired the vibrator along my ****. She turned it on, and the vibrations made me *** instantly. She smiled and said that was very good for the first time but I was to wear this till for the afternoon. She sucked my **** clean and retied the vibrator and pantyhose to my ****. She had me pull up my tights and pants. I was rock hard again as the vibrator buzzed away. Aunt and I then went downstairs and out back to the patio over looking the pool and moms class from behind. Mom was wearing a pair of white seamless pantyhose and a black leotard. Aunt commented to me how mom moved and how sexy she was in her workout clothes. The vibrator was wizzing away making me horny and figity. Aunt then grabbed my **** and asked me if I was going to *** for mom, she squeezed my **** and I cam as my **** pulsed from the vibrations and her touch. She felt it and told me I was a very naughty boy for ******* to his mothers sexy body. I smiled as my head rolled back and my head was spinning. I was so turned on. Aunt told me that if I wanted to I could go clean up but I had to wear pantyhose and vibrator for the rest of moms class. I was hard and throbbing with in the first few minutes. Moms back was to us with the class facing us. Her white pantyhose were soaked from her workout. Aunt told me to watch moms crotch as she bent over. I was surprised and looked every time she bent over. I started to see the ba<x>se end of a *****. My eyes had to be as big as dinner plates as I watched. Aunt whispered to me that she has mom wearing a ***** for her class and not to take it out till after class was over. She smiled and asked if I approved. I nodded and smiled as my **** throbbed. The splashing of Molly and Emma brought me back to reality. Mom wound down her class. She and the other women chatted and headed into the house to shower and clean up. Aunt motioned for me to fallow them inside so I did. <br />
<br />
More later

I began wearing my mom's stockings and girdles when I was probably 9 or 10. Eventually, I discovered pantyhose and wore them when she wasn't home. As I got older even built to the courage to buy my own at Sears. I wore pantyhose to school many days and no one every knew. One day I shaved my legs and wow, what a difference and I have been hooked every since.

I'm naturally hairless and I really don't have to shave :) <br />
After aunt and I started to fool around she and mom started to wear shorter shirts and higher heels around the house. My cousins also started to wear more tights and very tight leggings. They knew I got excited when they teased me while in skirts and such. Aunt and fooled around almost daily, She would wake me in the morning by giving me tights or pantyhose to wear. She would always be in some sort of pantyhose, she would have me wear them around the house and some times to school. At school it was pretty scary hiding it from the other guys but I tried to secretly show the girls. Some of them did find out over the years. Molly and Emma when to an all girls school by my public school. I love it when aunt drives us to school. she would let her skirt hike up and I'd have a great view of her long toned pantyhose legs. At age 9 she had me going to school very horny. We would drop Molly and Emma off first and then go to my school. Aunt would either adjusted my pantyhose till I got off or she would suck me off while around the school in the van. It was wonderful :) I'd then go to school for the day and have either mom or aunt pick us up at the days end. This happened for quite some time. Both Molly and Emma knew and were sometimes around when aunt and fooled around. When I turned 11 aunt and mom started to fool around with both Molly and Emma. I knew something was up one night, I got up to use the washroom and heard some noises coming from moms and aunts room. It was dark in the house and I peeked through the bedroom door. I got to see mom tied to the bed and Molly sucking on her *****, Emma was over moms face as mom was eating her. I lost it and cam in my tight Pj's *aunt had me wearing leggings and tights to bed more often* I watched as mom was moaning as her hips jumped at Mollys touch. Aunt was in the room as well and dressed in a black leather leotard type outfit and a pair of white seamless pantyhose and 5" heels. She was telling her daughters what do to to her sister. I watched long enough to see mom ****** 3-4 times. Molly and Emma both traded spots mom ate them both to ******. I rubbed my self to *** a second time. It was awesome. After they were done and crept back to my room and soundly slept to what I just saw. I was sporting a hard on till aunt woke me in the morning and asked if I like what I saw. I was surprised she had known but she said that I didn't clean up my *** when I jacked off to them last night. I didn't know what to say but it was wild. She smiled and said that it's our little secret. <br />
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Thanks. <br />
Mom and aunt had us when they were young. Mom was 15 when she had me, her b/f left her and didnt help at all. Aunts had Molly at 16 and Emma at 18, her b/f left her when Emma was born. Grandma helped raise us on the farm while mom and aunt finished school. They both finished with honers in fitness and yoga. Grandma bought us this house in town when I was 5. I was surrounded by hose growing up with mom, aunt and her two daughters. Mom and aunt teach there fitness's in our back yard or in the indoor pool area. I love to watch the classes and watching all the women getting fitter by the week and in there pantyhose or tights it's pretty hot. <br />
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After my cousins and I played dress up with me aunt had me wearing nylons under my pants when we went out or around the house. She knew I got excited while wearing them. I liked to hump my pillow while in them and loved the dry *******, aunt caught me dry humping one day and said that all boys do it. One day aunt had me put on a very soft pair of nylons and adjusted them on me till I came in them. She was wearing a pair of seamless white pantyhose under her black workout leotard. I felt shy about it but felt great, she smiled and said that it was ok. She made me feel great about it and said that she liked it was well. <br />
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More? there is family play from here on in.