I A Male Sometimes Wear Pantyhose

I a male sometimes wear pantyhose just because I want to and then I would wear a dress or skirt too.  I like the feel of womens clothes.
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3 Responses Dec 12, 2011

I don't like dresses, only because I cant find one that fits my upper torso correctly. I do have a Shirt dress that I wear but it looks to much like a sleeping outfit on me. I do like to wear skirts and pantyhose, when out and about, don't try to be a women but a male who likes to wear what he likes to wear.<br />
Now since I'm on my feet 12+ hours a day I find support pantyhose a life saver, and they are a lot cheaper than the medical stockings.

I wear pantyhose all the time. Back in my younger days I would dress up for parties at college. I had a pretty decent collection of clothing. I gradually got rid of most of the clothes, figuring I wouldn't be wearing them anymore, except for pantyhose which I still wear everyday..<br />
<br />
Recently during a closet clean out, I found a dress and a skirt I liked a lot and apparently decided not to throw out. They were both very sexy and tailored to show a lot of my shiny pantyhosed legs. <br />
<br />
For old times sake, I slid on some Peavey Shiny Tights and wore the dress and skirt again. It was fun. Hard to believe though that I had the nerve to dress like that.

Great fun!

comfortable too!