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I Think I'm Going To Start Wearing Pantyhose

After readng some stories on this group about how people like wearing them and how it makes them feel, its has made me want to wear them myself too. I'm not sure why I havn't worn them before but I will give them a try. :)
Bitterrsweet Bitterrsweet 18-21, F 37 Responses Feb 27, 2012

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Would you consideraadding me so we can talk?

Did you start wearing pantyhose? Do you like it?

L'eggs - Active Support have 30% spandex
you can buy them for about $3.50 /pair on sale,
online at OneHanesPlace(dot)com
I buy: Navy, size Q.
(they are shiny and smooth under pants, and with 30% spandex stretch to fit any shape)
(I wear 2 or 3 pair with shorts for Bicycling and Hiking, etc.)
(I also wear to bed and under pants all of the time, they make my legs feel really good, never tired.)
Have been wearing these for over 20 years.

Find these and many other kinds online at OneHanesPlace(dot)com

I had 2 girlfriends that actually bought Tights/Pantyhose for me;
and 2 girlfriends that said "don't tell me if you are wearing...I don't want to know".

Look for completely "Seamless Pantyhose" on (You Tube) they are made in one piece and they are amazing, they feel completely different,
and then look for them on eBay, you can find some less expensive ones from China just to find out how they feel.

Go for it!!! You will totally be amazed by them. Plus they will look great on you.

You will not regret wearing pantyhose, they are so awesome

Yeah they have power over men lol.

There is a certain eye candy attraction to nylon clad legs. ;-)

Leg guys will appreciate your wearing pantyhose and a skirt. Being that you are tall, your legs must be 5 miles long! :) And yes, that is a good thing. This coming from a leg man.

They would possibly enhance your attractiveness,if i might say,women in pantyhose,especially today have a mystique about them.

i love wearing them...i even wear them to bed.....i love the way they feel in bed...


hi bitterrsweet. definitely wear them. so smooth and sexy on ladies and i love to look at women's feet and toes with them on. Perhaps a photo of yours would be nice.

Wish I could wear them all the time!

Love that you have become a convert, any thoughts of wearing stockings next?

If you got the legs for pantyhose wear them the shorter the skirt the better leaves nothing to the imagination , and feels great<br />
Have you tried encasement<br />
wher you cover your whole body in it. Like a body stocking , but with a hood <br />
Ta Freddy

Gotta love a Woman that is willing to try something new. You go baby!

Stocking makes a bit of sense, but pantyhose are like chastity belts. But excellent for breeding bacteria. Less oxygen and warm, humid climate yeast just love it.

I can't believe you have never tried them before, did you not have to wear them in school? We had to wear thick horrible wool pantyhose.

no we never had to wear them at school at all.

Go for it, they are amazing.

i did there great!

Glad you enjoyed them. There are so many styles colours and fabrics to try. Carry on wearing them.

i will! thank you

Congratulations. Thrilled you have tried them finally. Your lovely legs will reward you for it. Enjoy.

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I would certainly recommend you try wearing pantyhose Bitterrsweet. Pantyhose has come along way over the years and is now a highly fashionable hosiery garment for women. The sheerist loveliest silkiest glossiest pantyhose are on the retail market these days. They exude sensuality and make a ladies legs look very attractive. The difference between pantyhose and thigh high stockings is that pantyhose encase a woman's body from the tips of her toes right up to her waist giving her a feeling of heavenly hosiery as it contours beautifully with the curvature of her body. This gives the woman plenty of leggy allure to show off if she is so inclined. The firm bodily support afforded by pantyhose is also is an added incentive for a lady. <br />
<br />
Tights are another form of pantyhose which have undoubtedly become very popularized these days because they are fashioned in a variety of shades and alluring patterns and designs. The fabric of tights is thicker in order to accomodate these striking fashionable enhancements. <br />
<br />
The original relatively mundane and uninteresting pantyhose of the past has been transformed into a luxurious hosiery garment. <br />
<br />
Try and enjoy. <br />
<br />
Hugs,<br />
<br />

thanks so much for the great comment!

My pleasure.

U shoud wear thongs and all types of strings

ahaha yeah I should ahaa

waiting ...If u Know wht I mean :P

ahaha i tried them

well you are young and alot of time to do things you can try everything a single woman like you because when you get married things will be different and your priorities will change too,thanks for being a friend here in ep...

your right! &amp; thanks!

Oh my god girl, please let me know when and where you start wearing them at!!!! Have a huge fetish of long tan silky pantyhose in long tan silky legs!!!!!!

ahaha i tired them and thats nice you have a pantyhose fetish aha!


ahaha thanks!

I tried to add you as a friend but cant :(<br />
Have fun wearing pantyhose as it is fun AND exciting ;)




hey - have your tried it yet? Did they feel good?

yes i did and they are great

LOL. I read your story and love the comments. All of the crossdressers giving you hosiery recommendations! my favs are by a company called Trasparenze. Not cheap, but super expensive either. These pantyhose have shaped legs, a great waist band and flat seams. The shaped leg makes them look and fit better than most hose, while the flat seams and quality waist band make them much more comfortable. Trasparenze makes one product called the Oleandro...about 20 denier, sheer to waist, with a sheer sandal toe, and comes in a variety of colors for about $9.00 a pair.<br />
<br />
Have fun!

thanks! hopefully i could find a pair here!