Pantyhose And Tights Are My Obsession

It started when I was little, still crawling. I remember some distinct moments where I would crawl around at my mother's feet and hug her legs for whatever reason, just playing like very young children do, but I remember the times when she would be wearing pantyhose and I definitely noticed how soft they were and felt good. Fast forward to age 4 or so, I was in preschool and I remember one day, I don't remember what initiated it, but I distinctly remember taking a pair of her stockings and putting them on under my pants, socks and shoes. I remember they would have gone all the way up to my head had the middle of my body not been blocking them from going up any further but under my pants they stayed on well enough. I also distinctly remember during nap time at preschool, the teacher woke me up and had discovered them and took them off. I do not remember if I got in trouble and I don't know if they ever told my mom. Fast forward again until 3rd grade, we were doing some sort of experiment where we had to pick a person up off of a chair, what the point of the experiment was I don't know... perhaps because I was distracted by the fact that the person we had to pick up was the prettiest girl in the class, and of course she was wearing a cute school-girl type skirt (we didn't have uniforms so that's why it stood out) and of course pantyhose underneath which was a bit of an oddity for a girl that age, not tights, pantyhose... and even more so that I was the person who had to pick her up by one of her legs, lucky me! Well that pretty much stuck in my memory for the next several months to a year or so when I finally got started with my crossdressing habits. I was probably about 10 or so  when one day, as I was home alone, I found a pair of my mom's pantyhose hanging in the bathroom to dry and by then they were dry so, remembering the day I felt that girl's pantyhosed leg and how good it felt, I tried them on and from that day forward I got hooked. I "borrowed" that pair, then every once in a while when I would be home alone or late at night when nobody else was up, I'd wear them just to get that feeling. Of course later came the raiding of my mom's pantyhose drawer (which is no longer existent, not because of me though...)  and so I picked out a few pairs of them to "borrow" and wear like the first pair. Of course there have been a few instances over the years when I would purge my stash in an attempt to quit, not that I felt it was wrong but because I felt it was getting a bit out of control and I might get caught soon, so I purged my collection a few times (which sometimes included dresses, skirts, and such) but I've gotten so good over the years at hiding it I haven't had to do it in a long time. In fact just these past 3 days I started buying my own tights and pantyhose for the first time and though initially nervous, i have come to love doing it, of course by myself and have to sneak them in the house but the thrill of being on the hosiery aisle or section of the stores and then walking up to the cashier with them in hopes that it would start a good conversation (hasn't yet but hopeful it might), especially if the cashier is a cute young woman, which the one today was, but I was too nervous to talk to her other than the normal "thank you" after checking out and she didn't initiate any conversation other than normal cashier stuff... anyway I have a great new collection of many colors of tights and a few new pairs of black and off-black pantyhose and some I have yet to try on so there's some excitement building up on that part. I actually really dig my new purple tights which I've been wearing all day today under my jeans but they go so well with my green converses, I should take pics and post them it's such a cute combination. Anyway, that's my story up to date... and shall continue on tomorrow!
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