Almost Caught Or Caught But Didn't Know It..

Been wearing since a young child. They never leave my mind. In my early twenties I was working with a plumbing company. We had been working at a house and were close to being done. My boss sent me to the house ahead of him to get started. The folks who own the house were not home. The lady of the house wore pantyhose on the occasion that I had seen her. When I got to the house I went to the basement to begin work. I noticed some bags of clothes. Couldn't resist and went through them. No pantyhose , phooey. As I was working the thought hit me that I could move swiftly enought to get to the ladies bedroom and get some hose from her drawer. As daring, eroticand idiotic as it seemed I went to her bedroom and opened a drawer or two. Did not find any hose. Drat ! Hurried to the basement and was sooooo paranoid. Soon my boss arived. He came to the basement and asked me to go with him. I was puzzled. We went upstairs an walked to the folks bedroom and imediately turned around to go back downstairs. We entered the living room and there sat the man of the house with a scowl on his face. OMG I was sweating and my heart was pounding. My boss nor the man said a word about me having been upstairs although clearly I had been caught. For weeks after that I racked my brain trying to figure out at what point the man of the house had seen me upstairs. At any rate there were never any questions about my attempted pantyhose raid. All that risk and a near miss but no pantyhose were found.........fortunately I finaly got bold enough just to buy them at stores. Now I buy them online. Am wearing now! nice
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41-45, M
Apr 2, 2012