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The Nylon Gene...

The Nylon gene has gripped me from my waist to my toes.  I wear them almost everyday and I'm picky, I like support styles that hug my legs in silky goodness.

PHSensei PHSensei 36-40, M 14 Responses May 18, 2008

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I too love Nylon.

I was bitten by the nylon gene at 18. It's only gotten stronger with the years

I put on my first pair of pantyhose at 13-14. Loved it ever since but not continously. Now it is almost continously, and with the wifes approval. My question is how many of us are there in the U.S. The hose companies have got to have numbers.

I'm pretty selective too with the pantyhose that I wear. I prefer the support pantyhose. The brands that I like and currently use are the women's brands like Leggs active support and the Peavey brand light support pantyhose. I like the women's brands because they come in the nude color which is my favorite. I also use the Activskin "mantyhose". Those are the one's I use for work. They're very supportive and very good quality. The only thing that I don't like about mantyhose is that they don't come in the nude color. The beige is not too bad but I prefer the lighter color nude. Nylon gene or not, I love wearing pantyhose. Whether it's under my jeans for work,grocery shopping or just lounging around the house you can bet that I'm always wearing phose. When I don't have my pantyhose on, I feel naked. But it's very rare for me not to have phose on. So heck yes, I really encourage all you men to wear pantyhose for whatever reasons it is! No offense to no one but I feel that alot of men are afraid to try on pantyhose because maybe they are afraid of liking it. But if a man tries on pantyhose and they like it, so what! That's great. Don't worry about what others say or think. To each his own. We can't please everyone. But if us men who wears pantyhose, we don't wear pantyhose to please others but ourselves. At least for me that's how it is. Correct me if I'm wrong. Tell me what you think.

I agree, but I'm biased :-P

I tried my mothers pantyhose a few times while growing up and most certainly enjoyed them but they never took hold. A few months ago I watched a new report on mantyhose and started looking around the internet for information. I was shocked to know that so many men are now wearing pantyhose for whatever reason. Personally I don't like the mens brands so I began looking at various womans brands and decided I wanted to try some. I spoke with my wife and she was all for the idea and bought me my first two pairs. All it took was one wearing to say this was something I wanted to wear and have been wearing them everyday since. The silky feel and the light compression I get with the ones I like are great. I guess I have the "nylon gene" also as I also enjoy wearing nylon underwear. I am working on getting past the fear of wearing them outside the house and have on a few occasions gone out to get the mail in them but thats been it so far. I am experimenting with different pantyhose companies brands for the ones I like the best and as of now, NoNonsense "Essential Basics" are my choice and are very nice for $1.29 and last quite a while without saging or any other problem. Thanks to all who are pioneering pantyhose for men. I'm now hooked and plan on wearing them for a long time to come.

Pantyhose are fantastic and i see so many similarities in our experiences. I wear Sheer Energy and Hanes Alive pantyhose on a regular basis but experiment beyond these. Many men are wearing pantyhose - or at least experimenting with them - and that's good because once you try pantyhose, you stay with them. I don't particularly care for the men's brands that are out there either - my preference is for the women's brand pantyhose. There is a company in Europe that makes uni-sex pantyhose and has ads that feature men and women together modeling their pantyhose - now that's HOT!

I too have joined the growing ranks of men who like to wear pantyhose. I prefer a good pair of hose with a compression rating of 25-35. I I started out by wearing them in secret as I did not want to be made fun of by the other guys that I Knew. After I got married, I still wore them in secret and when I went bicycle riding. One day my wife saw me wear them and complimented me on how good they looked on me. I them started wearing them publicly with a pair of hiking shorts. Nobody ever seemed to notice that I was wearing a pair of pantyhose of if they did they kept their comments to themselves. To those guys who are thinking about wearing pantyhose for what ever reason, I say go get a good quality pair and enjoy.

I couldn't agree more - wearing pantyhose is great... I wear them with the complete knowledge of my wife and family and often wear them in public

Amen. The nylon gene has done the same thing to me, too:))

I have also come to enjoy Transparenze, i like the debby a lot and am working with our friend to find more thst i like.<br />
<br />
I also really like Platino Vitalise, they are amazing. I have a current source but once their gone, they are gone. So hopefully my ventures into transparenze will fit the bill. Don't get me wrong, i love the Debbys but i like more compression.. so I search.<br />
<br />
I wonder though how many nylon gene having kids these days aren't able to try hosiery as their moms and sisters dont wear as much these days... with tights being popular their is that opportinity. For me though sheer hosiery is that gripped me.

Interesting point. Many of us tried on pantyhose as we were part of a generation where many women wore pantyhose regularly. Today, a woman in pantyhose is much less common. Had I not had so much exposure (mom, sister, teachers, girls at school, etc. etc.) who knows when or if I would have ever tried them. I still think there is a nylon gene, and that I would have tried on pantyhose eventually.

My mother never wore pantyhose or had them in the house and I have no sisters, but still the gene managed to take hold at a very young age. What got me was a sleeping bag. The inside lining was sheer nylon just like white pantyhose then an inner layer of poly fill then the outer shell. I got to sleep in a sleeve of nylon every night until it was just plain wore out. Then one day at my grandmothers I discovered her nylons and found a happiness that has lasted me the rest of my life. Sure I went through the hoops of throwing them away saying never again and jumped back into them within a week. Ups and Downs, but not anymore. I guess around age23 I decided this is who I am and have been the happier for it.

I have a couple male friends who have worn pantyhose before. When I told them I wear theyshared their experience, but they didn't take to it like we all did. They did say "they felt good" though.

I do believe there is such a gene. And if you have it, you will be compelled to eventually try on pantyhose or stockings. <br />
<br />
I also believe that when someone with the nylon gene tries on pantyhose for the first time, they will experience an incredibly sensual feeling. It's an electric sexual awareness that surface and changes their world forever. After my first time in them, I was hooked.<br />
<br />
Now, pantyhose are something very important to me. I wear them often, and have become very selective too. There really are some significant difference amongst all of the brands and within the brands. My current favorite are the Trasparenze Katia pantyhose. I simply love them!!

Oh, yes, there is a nylon gene and I have one. I can vividly recall wearing mom's and Auntie's nylons. When pantyhose came out i was besides myself to try them and at the first opportunity slipped into a pair of my sister's pantyhose... WOW! I loved them and spent an hour prancing around the house in them. I've been wearing pantyhose ever since and my doing is well know - and accepted - among family and friends. As for my favorite brand - Hanes Alive are fantastic and I find Leggs Sheer energy to be very comfortable

Can I ask how you told your family and friends? I am coming to terms with myself as a nylons wearer and have spent my whole life in fear of being discovered. I am now at a point where I am thinking more and more about coming out - just so that I don't have to carry the secret any more. Part of me thinks it's nobody's business but mine and my wife's (she knows), but another part of me wants it out there so I no longer have to live in fear of being found out. How did you first break the news, to whom, and what was their reaction?

I told my adult daughter when she was 30 years old. Her mother, my ex, had been telling her of this big awful secret about me. So I invited her over to tell her and let her see me in shorts over my suntans.
She said "Is that all? She had known that since she was a teen and was ok with my wearing of hose. She said, Oh dad, your just sooo metro!

I agree.I started at a young age and used to beatmyself up for liking to wear pantyhose. Thanksto interneet I found I was not alone. Finally accepted myself and finallytold teh wife about 9 yearsago (beenmarried 25). She is not into it but accepts I like it and I wearwithshorts around tehhouse andto bed for sex. I just like teh compression, warmth feelingetc.

Right on, right on.

Same here... I love the sweet touch and the smell of a new pair of pantyhose on my fresh shaven legs. I love feeling and hearing the swish. I love the way pantyhose hug and rub my b***s and my c*** in a sensual, silky form of massage...

Nope, not at all. Great question though, I got a good laugh when I read it. Actually the hosiery does a great job of supporting the wedding tackle. The hose gives enough not to pinch or restrict to much.

Some do, some don't. You would be surprised how many men wear hosiery and hide it. Something like 25% of hosiery sales in the US is to men. There are companies in the US and abroad that make and sell hosiery for me. It's a lot better than other things we could be into. Its doesn't hurt anyone and makes me feel good... like you said to each their own. I spent years beating myself up over this and I'm past that now.

Where did you get those hopeful stats? It would be interesting to read something similar about male hosiery sales in Europe - my territory - where the conservative fanatics could burn you alive for going against the status quo.