Sacred Sunday

I try to make Sundays sacred, and not as in ‘Religion,’ but as in Honoring, worshiping and Loving myself, those around me, the earth and the heavens….which I do to a certain extent 24/7 however, Sundays I consciously connect with every second and step in the direction of sacredness. Whether it being grateful for an early morning cup of coffee, embracing a dear friend a little tighter and longer, smiling as I wake later than usual, being aware of nature, the sounds, the smells, the sights, OR closing the blinds and making love for hours, hugging my children or texting them to let them know how much I love them or merely staying in my nightie and bare feet all day without guilt and only gratitude that I can do so, must do so. It is a day of focusing on the glue, God’s glue if you will, to this life, this HUGE fabulous life all around me and in me. Sundays are when I take a deep breath and exhale more deeply, taste more succinctly, hear more readily, see clearer, feel more intensely and love without limits. Sunday is the day that everything starts anew. And as I write this I realize all days that end in Y should be Sunday!
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41-45, F
Apr 29, 2012