I Wear Pantyhose And Tights And Am Proud Of It!

I have been wearing pantyhose since I was probably about 10 or so and always in secret as most young crossdressers do, but over the last month and a half I have been expanding my possibilities. I have not only started to buy my own pantyhose (and other women's clothes) but have also been wearing pantyhose under my shorts out in public! I have yet to be noticed, at least noticed where someone has mentioned it, which I guess is better than getting negative comments but I would have expected in the amount of times I've worn them out at least someone would ask about it or something but nobody has. I'm kind of disappointed in that but at the same time I'm loving every minute of it because it feels so good, on the outside and the inside. Of course the one thing I am not sure I could ever do is tell my family, not because I think they would judge (I'm not sure exactly how they'd react) but it would be awkward for me to do it while I know that they do it and I've been so good at keeping it a secret from them over the years that I'll keep on keeping it until I get caught if I ever get caught. Anyway, like I said before I have been expanding my limits and what I can or will do and where I'll do it in terms of wearing, buying etc. pantyhose and other women's clothes and so one thing I'd thought I'd do is look up on the internet about other men wearing pantyhose in public and of course I've come across the whole "mantyhose" trend stories several times and have been highly intrigued. I  have found out that it's quite popular in Europe but it's not so much here in the US (except perhaps in the blogs) and I'm kind of disappointed in that, but I think it has high potential to be popular someday, hopefully someday soon. Anyway I just found this facebook page that is attempting to spread the news and kind of kick-start this trend  to make it more than just a popular blog topic, to make it actually happen and be a noticeable trend. http://www.facebook.com/MantyhoseTrend 
I think it's far past time to get past these pointless gender barriers in terms of clothing, well of course that's what any crossdresser would say, but I'm not gay and I think the same thing about gay/lesbian/etc. rights and such too so let's just let people be who they are, wear what they want and as long as it harms nobody, it's completely ok.
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