A Walk In The Park

I'm a guy married/bi. I have a huge fetish for Pantyhose/Stockings/Leggings/Thigh Highs etc. I go for walks near this park where I live.Well,the other morning around 9am I put on a soft,silky,sheer to waist tan pair of Pantyhose with a hole for my **** to hang out.Over that I wore a pink lycra tight thong and another hole for my ****. Then I put on a very tight pair of excercise tights in black color.I wore a nice tight black tank top and sport shoes.In the light you could see the shine from my black tights and when I would bend over or in the sunlight you could also see my pink thong under them.I walked around the park and around the small lakes.I noticed this guy around age mid 30's following me.I sat down in the sunlight and he made his way over.He sat next to me and we made small talk.He was looking at my shiny black tights and he finally said he liked what I was wearing.I told him he could touch if he wanted and he reached out his hand and stroked my legs up and down.He said he was getting hard.I told him what I was wearing under them.He said he wanted to see.He followed me to the tree line and we walked in the orange groves and he came up to me and started sliding down my excercise tights.I was already erect and he saw this right away.He put his mouth on me and started to suck it slowly with all the precum going up/down feeling my Soft,Silky Pantyhose legs.He sucked me for about a good 10 min. I told him I was going to ***. He kept me in his mouth and I came in his mouth! It was an awesome feeling.He sucked every last drop from me and he even sucked and licked my ***.It was wonderful. I Jacked off on his face and he loved it.I put on my clothes and we went our separate ways.
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Didn't get a number for a repeat performance later?

Sounds a wonderfull exeprience I expect the nerveousness was taken over by excitment.