Pantyhose Natural Under Shorts . . .

Now that summer is here, I will probably wear pantyhose under shorts a little less. But normally I don't like to wear shorts without them. I'm hoping maybe for more people to imitate me in this! I work out regularly and keep my legs shaved and tan if possible. I think this is expected if u hope to be a pantyhose model/mentor! some people look at me admiringly, some with disdain , some are merely curious or don't care. The important thing is to be gracious always! I have a vintage-looking pair of Adidas shorts, dark blue w white piping that are quite short without being too short. They are perfect w suntan hosiery. Not just for running, but for errands and social! In Korea, many women wear suntan pantyhose under short shorts. It's totally gorgeous. More women and men should dress this way!
speedqueen1977 speedqueen1977
4 Responses May 29, 2012

Nice! I'd love to be able to add you to my circle of friends!

I agree 100%. I also wear Sheer Energy daily....... for pleasure and medical reaons too.. Yes, with shorts too.

I agree

I wear womens shorts and shoes every summer, often with pantyhose, and the only comments I've gotten were from other women about how nice my legs are or they are envious wishing they had as nice of looking legs as mine.