My First Pair Of Pantyhose

It was 1968 and I was 18. I had been dressing on a regular basis since I was 11 and Mom enjoyed having a daughter. I had let my hair grow long as was the fashion and Mom always helped me style it when I was Lisa, otherwise it just hung from a center part. I

t was Good Friday and Mom and I were out shopping for our Easter outfits when I saw it. It was a beautiful bright pink dress witha matching blazer in the Juniors department at Sears. I begged Mom to let me try it on and it fit like a glove, the only problem was it was quite short as was the fashion back then. Mom loved it on me but said it was too short as there was no way I could sit and not show my girdle hem and stocking tops. I was about to head back to take it off when the lady suggested that I try wearing pantyhose rather than stockings.

Both Mom and I had never heard of them so she explained what they were and even hiked up her hem to show us a lot of leg and no stocking top! She said it was the rage for all young girls and Mom should consider them for me. I looked at Mom with puppy dog eyes and she said alright so I got the dress and we headed off to hosiery where Mom got me 2 pairs of pantyhose as welll as 2 for herself. After she found a pretty light blue dress for herself she took me to foundations where I got a pretty lacy pink full slip to wear under my new dress. She then saw the girdles advertised for over pantyhose and just smiled. We each got two.

I reember that Easter well as I felt like a princess in my new dress and pantyhose, Mom wore them too that day for the first time. Sure Mom insisted I wear a girdle with them as did she and I still wear a girdle to this day, whether over my pantyhose or to hold my stockings but that Easter was extra special to me and I will always remember it fondly.
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That sounds like a wonderful thing to remember about you and your mum!

Wonderful story and obviously you have a great mom. No wonder that is an Easter you remember and I bet you looked great in that new pink dress with pantyhose.

What a great story.Your mother was the best.<br />
My mom loved to dress me up in nylons and heels and girdle.I am from the 1950's and many moms loved their son's to be daughters.I loved her much much more for letting me enjoy feminine ways.<br />
Louise CD

Loved your story. Bet you two thought you were the heighth of style that Easter.