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Love My Hose

I'm 47 and have been wearing pantyhose ever since I was. Early influences were seeing my mom and aunt wearing exercise leotards and bodysuits and knew at that age i had to wear them. Love the silky feeling and the way they caress your legs and they are a terrific way to express your femininity. Also loved ballet and the way those hot male and female bodies looked in tights.
4evainnylon 4evainnylon 46-50, T 11 Responses Jul 4, 2012

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you're absolutely right

I have always loved the look pantyhose on a nice pair of legs and ***, man or woman.
Always gets me so aroused.
Love your profile picture. Just exactly what gets me turned on.

yes, men and women in hose are equally erotic

I agree..I used to sneak my mom's panty hose out of her bureau and wear them when know one was around. They felt so naughty and stimulating. I would try to wear them long enough so that my erection would subside...but it hardly ever happend. I would look in the mirror at my petite little *** and skinny body and think of what a naked girl would look like. I would always ********** before taking them off... I love the reminder of those days that your story was able to do. THANK YOU :)

your welcome- my hose have feminized me and sensualized me

in case you HAVEN'T have an wonderful butt!! Wow!!

thank u so much- and covered in silk- mmmm

I'd love to be your friend..

ok ill add u :)

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sensuality sexuaity and feminity-mm

Me too. love the feeling of the soft stretchy materials and fabrics ... makes me feel femme too.. Been dressing for years and want to go the next step - and get my **** hole ****** by a real throbbing , veiny **** - not just my hard plastic *****... hmmm , .. wear is that lil toy these days ...

I'm with you ... good times . We have the same ideas and mind set.

great times- lets celebrate our hose driven sensuality

I agree with you, and anyone with legs like yours should show them off in hose. Would love to see more of you. Plan to invite you into my circle.

thank you very much. will be more pics posted soon and i do love to show off my legs

I love the feeling and look of pantyhose on my smooth legs. Something magical happens when I slip a pair of pantyhose on my legs. It truly brings out the feminine side in me !

Hose definitely excited and transforms!!!

Absolutely ! The feeling that hosiery gives me is undescribable !

silky sensual and sexy

Amen !!

pantyhose encasement and bondage is soo erotic as well

Sounds like fun !

oooo with ball gag and all

Oh my ! Will a butt plug be needed !?

to be coy what do u think?

The bigger ,the better !!

a nice strap on up my hose

My gf strapped me this morning right after I put a pair of pantyhose on !! Awesome feeling !

sweeet p- keeps me under control

Agree. Hose excites me very much. Love the though of it transforming you into that sexy woman.

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richard simmons show did it 4 me- older women in bodysuits n tights

I agree it's fantastic. Remember the show 20 minute workout. Loved to watch it hot girls in tights and body suits! Made me start to wear.

buying our own is all the more exciting