Pantyhose Shopping

just got back from the shops where i had a great pantyhose experience. as i was walking around the local department store i had a quick look around the lingerie dept. but seeing nothing new or anything i liked i started to leave. as i was walking out a promotional stand of pantyhose caught my eye. they were Charnos super sheer(7 denier) at half price,i couldn't resist so i picked up two pairs of barely black, one pair of nude and one pair of illusion.i had a big erection as i walked to the counter to pay for them.i was served by a busty lady in her mid fifties who the rather loudly (deliberately) asked if i had the right size,i said i had to which she then asked again was i sure as they can't be brought back for refund. she said this to try and embarass me in front of the other women ququeing around and behind me. i said i was absolutey certain she said "well if you're sure" with a smirk, i replied " yes, absolutely, as i like to ********** while wearing them and in a couple of hours time they're going to be absolutely soaked with my *****".this took her aback and i heard several gasps and mutterings from the women around me. this caused my erection to get even harder straining against my silky knickers. as i was paying i got a few looks and stares from the women around and started to feel my knickers get wet with my pre ***. i Pwalked out of there with the biggest erection i've had for ages. P.S. as i write this one pair of the barely black pantyhose are now soaked with my ***** as i ********** thinking about the women thinking of me in pantyhose.
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You go gurl!! I love your attitude!