Caught By Mum

One day i sneaked into my Mum's room when she was out and went straight to her underwear drawer took out a pair of her pantyhose put them on was walking around in them delighted with myself 9 years old and taught i was the biggest woman alive i was so delighted with myself i went further and put on one of her old Bras and girdle and slip then for the hell of it i was just putting on one of her Skirts when in she walked well i nearly died until she said that she already knew as her clothes were always put back in the wrong order but she was trying to catch me in the act. I went to take them off but she said to leave them on and wait till my Father came home and my sister as well and see what they will say. I was delighted until my Father was coming in and then was afraid but all he said was if i wanted to wear them then she should buy me some in the right size. well there i was 9 years old and brought to the ladies shop for my own underwear but the sad part of it is my Mum wanted to teach me a lesson and said that i can wear them all the time but only if i wear the skirt and heels as well i tried to protest as my friends would see me in them and have a great laugh at me. But it was only if i wanted to wear them it was all the time and no secret trying them on. So after a long talk and still wanting to wear them i said yes but what about school then i was told thet anytime i was in school or sport i could wear my boys clothes every time after that i was to wear girls clothes and am still wearing them every day 50 years later.
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What wonderful parents